The first trailer for ‘Kraven the Hunter’, from the Spider-Man universe, spares no blood or violence

Sony is still delighted to be able to develop more spin-off of characters related to the marvelita universe of Spider-Man. It has worked very well with him. venom of Tom Hardy (a surprise hit with sequels), and above all, with the spider man trilogy starring Tom Holland. The other side of the coin was the sting of the solo vampire adventure of Morbius with Jared Leto. And this year it is his turn to Kraven the Hunterrival and enemy of Spider-Man, but also an anti-hero capable of taking not so much weapons, but his own fists and brute force to fight the villains.

“My father puts evil in the world. I eliminate it”answers its protagonist, incarnated by Aaron Taylor-Johnson at one point in the first full trailer released. And such a father is played by none other than Russell Crowe.

There is no official synopsis yet, but it will tell the story of the origin of Sergei Kravinoff in an update of the son of a Russian aristocratic family forced to flee and take refuge in the United States. There, based on hard training, he will try to become a strong and skillful warrior, although without fortune and about to be torn to pieces by a huge lion… until a strange power comes to him, in the most unexpected way.

The same trailer, with the tagline of “Villains are not born. They are made”gives us a good account of it, how he will manage to obtain his superpowers, and he is also very explicit about the doses of violence and blood What awaits us with this adaptation that he has directed JC Chandorthe director of highly esteemed titles such as Margin Call either The most violent yearnow involved in his first big blockbuster.



In addition to Taylor-Johnson and Russell Crowe, the cast of Kraven The Hunter offers us other incentives such as the Oscar winner, for West Side Story from Spielberg, Ariane DeBoseand the presence of Christopher Abbott (Possessor Uncut), Alessandro Nivola (of The Boston Strangler either criminal saints) and Fred Hechinger (of The Academy Crimesand of the series The White Lotus either the street of terror). The premiere, also in Spain, has been scheduled for October 6 in theaters.

And, after Kraven, next stop, the yespin off of Madame Web with dakota johnson by February 2024.

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The first trailer for ‘Kraven the Hunter’, from the Spider-Man universe, spares no blood or violence