The first reviews of Barbie begin to be published

The movie ‘Barbie‘ by filmmaker Greta Gerwig is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in the main roles, the film will hit the big screen on July 20, 2023 in our country. Prior to its theatrical release, a grand premiere of ‘Barbie‘. Needless to say, the internet has already given its verdict on the movie.

The internet has praised Greta Gerwig’s directing. Fans are very impressed with Ryan Gosling’s performance as Ken in the movie. And many believe that Gosling deserves an Oscar for his portrayal.

But we leave you below some of the reviews that are already being published in Rotten Tomatoes.

What really makes this comedy work are the stellar performances, from the lead to the supporting roles. This is the funniest cast I’ve seen in a long time. –Peter Howell/Toronto Star

It’s a fun delight to see that somehow manages to celebrate and lampoon the brand. Barbie, her feminism and femininity, like gorpcore sandals with a floating pink skirt. Alice Saville/Time Out

BarbieGerwig’s ” is, charmingly, more than enough. –Moira McDonald/Seattle Times

Barbie“, the film of the summer directed and co-written by Greta Gerwig, is a dazzling achievement, both technically and in tone. It’s a visual feast that succeeds as a light-hearted escapade and a battle cry. –Christy Lemire/

Barbie is as much a magisterial thesis on feminism as it is an adventure in the style of Austin Powers. –Chandler Levack/Globe and Mail

It’s a truly original work, one of the smartest, funniest, sweetest, most insightful and just plain entertaining movies of the year. –Richard Roeper/Chicago Sun-Times

while the movie Super Mario Bros overconfident earlier this year, she took her intellectual property so seriously it seemed like a basic-level history lesson, Barbie is a worthwhile movie about a brand. Women can do it all. –Rich Juzwiak/The Muse/Jezebel

Leaving aside the question of whether an air-conditioned movie theater in the height of summer is the best place to reflect on feminism, however, Barbie makes an admirable effort to introduce the concept to wide audiences around the world. – Lisa Wong Macabasco/Vogue

Via: Rotten Tomatoes

Author’s note: There seems to be some criticism against the film, but I can’t wait to see it, stay tuned for our thoughts on next week’s podcast.

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The first reviews of Barbie begin to be published