The first reactions elevate The Suicide Squad as a great goal – La Tercera

During the night of this Wednesday, a handful of critics could see The Suicide Squad, the new DC Films movie that is directed by James Gunn. And unlike what usually happens, the embargo did not exist, so they were able to comment on their first impressions on social networks. And broadly speaking, the majority were absolutely positive.

Marking a clear difference from the type of reactions that the theatrical version of the previous movie generated from the villain team, not a few of the reactions celebrate the film in each of its components. Not only are there cheers for the action and story, but also for the treatment of the characters and the tone that Gunn achieved.

Here is a selection of those reactions:

Ian Sandwell, Digital Spy. “Any doubts you might have about The Suicide Squad will disappear after its scandalous inception. It’s a violent, hilarious and unpredictable blockbuster and everyone will have their favorite from its fantastic cast. It’s so funny that you’re going to want to see it again right away. ”

Brandon Davis of “The Suicide Squad is absolutely crazy. Violent as hell, piggy and relentless. James Gunn is completely unleashed. Sometimes it is overwhelming. He has moments of heart, humor, action, emotion … of all of it. Relentless. There is nothing like it. Demons!”.

Umberto Gonzales, The Wrap. “The Suicide Squad is absolutely wild! I enjoyed it to concho. James Gunn has easily made the most enjoyable DC movie to date. Visually stunning, loaded with action and full of confidence ”.

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Dorian Parks, from the Geeks of Color site. “The Suicide Squad is a completely epic war movie that demands to be seen on the big screen. Gunn does it again with a hilarious cast of weirdos and underused comic book characters. Big laughs, bigger action. DC has another winner on their hands. “

Kara Warner, People Magazine: “So this skeptic loved The Suicide Squad. It’s insanely over the top in very entertaining ways. If you’re wondering if the amazing cast was really going to go there with the material and the R rating, they really do. “

Erik Davis, Fandango: “I had the best time watching The Suicide Squad. It’s a comic book movie that sends her over the fence and I loved that. It’s big, bold, and visually stunning. You’re going to see the roots of James Gunn’s terror thrown at all of this. It’s violent, but it’s hilarious. Furious, but also very sweet ”.

Germain Lussier, “The Suicide Squad is as funny, irreverent and violent as promised. What I liked the most, however, was her heart. Gunn really balances the serious in a way that the two complement each other very well. I loved. What’s more? King Shark is wearing it! “

Steven Weintraub, “I absolutely loved The Suicide Squad. The movie is super violent, extremely funny and a hugely funny goal for James Gunn and DC. There are a lot of surprises that you were not expecting. Just a great movie ”.