The film that was a resounding box office failure and everyone forgot but is now all the rage on Netflix


Netflix has, only in Argentina, 4.5 million active users. So it is not uncommon for each film that enters their catalog to quickly reach the eyes of several people. Over time, the content that entered their platform enjoyed a great impact. Old films, canceled series and some not so successful strips manage to break audience records just by appearing in their catalog. Either way, the platform earned the title of “The movie revivalist” and The big jump, a movie of Nicolas Cage released in 2018, does not escape it.

When York Sackleton, the director, released this film, the critics crushed it and the collection ended up sinking it. With Nicolas cage to the head, Sophie Skleton, Dwayne Cameron, Cory Hardrict, Michael Rainey Jr. and the actor’s son, Weston, completing the cast, the history it only managed to raise US $ 1,052,222.

What is it about? It is based on a true event that occurred in the United States in 1997, that event known as “The North Hollywood shooting”, although the plot takes place in a fictional city called Chesterford. The premise does not escape from something already seen: a police officer about to retire, a historic criminal gang whose plan does not go as expected and a teenager left in the middle of a high-risk situation.

Cage interpreta a Mike Chandler, an officer who is on the brink of retirement and has a last assignment. The film’s synopsis perfectly defines its plot. “Fate wants cop Mike Chandler and a young civilian to face off, despite their lack of preparation and weaponry, to a group of dangerous armed robbers who intend to rob a bank, ”he says.

Since its release and to date, the film had been forgotten. However, his arrival at Netflix was what he needed to become in one of the titles most chosen by the audience. Today, it is within the ranking of the most viewed in Argentina. And although they are different categories, is more chosen than “The Squid Game” and “Luis Miguel, the series.”

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At the same time, it has aroused the interest of the critics again who set out to give it a second chance. His reappearance did not mean a vindication. Although it grows in audience, it is still being attacked by experts and barely reaches the score of 3.6 depending on the site Filmaffinity.


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The film that was a resounding box office failure and everyone forgot but is now all the rage on Netflix