The favor that José Alfredo asked Vicente Fernández and that made him succeed in film and music

Two of the great interpreters of the ranchera song were Vicente Fernandez Y Jose Alfredo Jimenezalthough neither of them is alive today, both left a legacy of songs and movies in which their talents are recognized and are now appreciated by the new generations.

exactly in tiktoka social network used mostly by adolescents, a fragment of an interview of Vicente Fernandez in which he talks about a favor that he asked himself Jose Alfredosays that when the composer was already in very poor health, he suggested an idea for one of his films and he carried it out.

Vicente recalled that already with his voice very deteriorated he told him “hey Chente, notice that there is a song that I like a lot and I hear it with you, I dream of it with you, wouldn’t you like to put it in the movie?” Later known as “Charro from Huentitan” He assured that he included the melody “I hope it goes well for you” as part of the soundtrack of the tape “The son of the people” in 1974.

“I hope that it may be nice
I hope your sorrows end
That they tell you that I no longer exist
That you meet better people

Give you what I couldn’t give you
Although I have given you everything
I will never bother you again
I adored you, I lost you, no way”

The friendship of José Alfredo and Vicente Fernández

According to the unauthorized series “The last king”which deals with the life of Vicente Fernández, point out that José Alfredo and the singer met thanks to María Elena Velasco, popularly known as “La India María”also describe that despite the fact that they worked hand in hand and made a good dumbbell, everything would have ended because of a woman.

The author of the book on which the production is based, Olga Wornat says that many people thought that they had distanced themselves due to the appropriation of some issues by the Jalisciense, since it was said that Vincent had stolen the song “The keys of my soul”, but in reality it was for the actress named Alice Juarez, the last wife of the native of Guanajuato, who presumably ceded the rights to the “charro”.

While there is also talk that at one of the vedette’s parties Irma Serrano They fought and shouted in front of everyone and it was at that moment that they marked their distance, because they assure that Jose Alfredo Jimenez He did not hesitate to curse and insult his former friend and from that moment the relationship was never the same.

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The favor that José Alfredo asked Vicente Fernández and that made him succeed in film and music