The failure of Arnold Schwarzenegger that made him “not want to see anyone” for a week

In 1993, last great hero It reached movie theaters around the world. The action-fantasy comedy directed by John McTiernan, and starring arnold schwarzenegger, aimed to become one of the great bombings of that year. And although the collection figure reached 137 million dollars, starting from a budget of 80 million and recovering the money invested, the reviews were devastating.

The tape received up six Razzie Award nominations, including Schwarzenegger’s interpretation. This fact greatly annoyed the actor, who was on the crest of the wave after the first two installments of Terminatorthe movies of Conan in which he participated, as well as acclaimed titles such as Total challenge and Predator.

“When he came out last great hero I had reached my peak after Terminator 2the most successful movie of the year worldwide,” said Schwarzenegger. “I can’t tell you how upset I was at the criticism. It hurts. It hurts your feelings and it’s embarrassing.”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary on Netflix

The American actor has opened up about the docuseries arnold, that these days lands in Netflixjust a few after debuting in a series on the platform with fubar. “I didn’t want to see anyone for a week. But you move on. And my mother-in-law also told me this all the time: ‘Let’s move on.’ It’s a great message.” adds the actor.

The documentary also collects testimonials from people who have worked with him, such as the filmmaker James Cameron or the scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis. The director was the cloth of tears of him before the failure of the film. “She looked like she was crying in bed. She took it as a deep blow to the mark of her. I think he really felt it. That’s the only time I ever heard him down“, says the director of titanic and Avatar.

Fortunately, the ex-bodybuilder and ex-governor of California soon healed his injuries and continued giving us great performances in action movies, which coming soon we will offer his new roles in Kung Fury: The Movie, breakout and The Legend of Conan.

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The failure of Arnold Schwarzenegger that made him “not want to see anyone” for a week