The explosive Gerard Butler film that is preparing for theaters and that everyone is talking about

Action movie where a pilot saves his passengers by making a risky landing on a war-torn island, unaware of the conflicts to come.

extreme alert (The Pilot, The Plane) is an action-thriller film starring Gerard Butler (300, The harsh truth, London under fire), Mike Colter (Carter, Extinction)Yoson An (Mulan, Death Machines) and Tony Goldwyn (King Richard: A Winning Family). The film has a very explosive touch that is causing reactions of all kinds.

The action-survival thriller follows pilot Brodie Torrance, who saves his passengers from a thunderstorm by landing his plane on a remote and highly dangerous island. But that will be the beginning of an angry fight for survival, since most of the travelers will then be held by an armed group. In such a situation, the only person Torrance can count on is a man named Louis Gaspar, who is accused of murder and transported by the FBI on the same flight. Each will need the other to survive this challenge.

Gerard Butler is the protagonist of "extreme alert".  (Lionsgate)
Gerard Butler is the protagonist of “Extreme Alert”. (Lionsgate)

The actors who complete the cast of extreme alert They are Paul Ben-Victor, Joey Slotnick, Tara Westwood, Kelly Gale, Lilly Krug, Remi Adeleke, Amber Rivera, Kate Rachesky, Otis Winston, Oliver Trevena, Quinn McPherson and Jeffrey Holsman, among others of a secondary character.

Extreme Alert recordings

The filming of the film took place in Puerto Rico, in an environment of outstanding vegetation that allows allusion to any equatorial country and in armed conflict. In this regard, some time ago, Día Rosi Acosta, director of the Island’s Film Industry Development Program, announced that the film was filmed in the following areas: the Roosevelt Roads Base, La Ceiba, the east coast and the metropolitan area; including the Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum, in San Juan.

"extreme alert", a survival thriller directed by Jean-François Richet.  (Lionsgate)
“Extreme Alert”, a survival thriller directed by Jean-François Richet. (Lionsgate)

reviews of the new movie with Butler

“Original, short-lived adult entertainment – ​​a movie-star performance and visceral thrills. extreme alert it has it all,” said Screen Anarchy’s Ankit Jhunjhunwala very positively. Likewise, JoBlo’s Chris Bumbray stated: “A great time at the movies and one of Butler’s best action films. It’s nice to see an old-school action star still have the guts, and lack of conceit, to get these movies right.”

For his part, Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that extreme alert It is not exactly an innovative film. But it does its job. Another of the critics who did not hold back in speaking out was Andrew Parker of The Gate, stressing: “It’s the cinematic equivalent of a tasteless, odorless gas.”

poster of "extreme alert" in their official language.  (Lionsgate)
“Extreme alert” poster in its official language. (Lionsgate)

Produced by Lionsgate, Di Bonaventura Pictures and G-Base, extreme alert It is directed by the Frenchman Jean-Francois Richet and written by Charles Cumming and JP Davis. In the United States it opens on January 13 and in Latin America it is already being presented in theaters since the 12th of this month.

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The explosive Gerard Butler film that is preparing for theaters and that everyone is talking about