The Expendables 4: The Long-awaited Sequel Is Closer Than Ever

We have been waiting for years The Mercenaries 4. The action saga, which brought together the best actors of the genre and merged them into a cinematic trilogue with heroes and villains of all kinds, I left the door open to a quarter that was constantly postponed due to the box office failure what did it mean The Mercenaries 3. Stallone and his crew confirmed that yes, it would end up filming, and the presence of Pierce brosnan in the cast. More violence, more brutality, and new challenges were promised, but nothing else ever materialized. After the premiere of The Mercenaries 3 in 2014, The premiere of the fourth installment was postponed from 2015 to 2017 and it was led to say that Sylvester Stallone was leaving the saga due to differences with producer Avi Lerner. What seemed like the end was a new starting point. The Mercenaries 4 its T closer than ever (he Espinof).

2018: The year that changed everything and opened the door to a new sequel

After four years looking for a way to get the fourth part through, Stallone and producer Avi Lerner ended their business together. It seemed that The mercenaries had died as a saga, and that the collection of stars and old glories of action cinema would have to seek other objectives and projects. But in 2018, Stallone returned to the saga, embarked on a new idea and was shaping the script with the help of Gregory poirier, author of Rumors that kill, looking to build a story to match. While negotiating with the producers, and with a filming scheduled for April 2019, the film was once again paralyzed by disagreements between the parties involved, although it was simply a new stumbling block with an easy solution: The Mercenaries 4 It would be done, but we had to wait until 2020. And then, the coronavirus emerged.

Mercenaries 4 Stallone

Last August brought us new news: Vrtice was to be one of the companies responsible for the production of the film, collaborating closely with Lionsgate and Millennium Films and obtaining the necessary financing., the push of vital money to give it the charisma and luster devised by Stallone and thus confirming the starting gun for a film that has spent more than five years in the making. During the past year, Patrick Hughes reappointed himself as director and chief executive behind the cameras, aiming to release the film sometime in 2022. It is not a definitive date, on the contrary, a kind of launch window, but the good thing is that we already have something real to hold on to. There are several actors, such as Randy couture -Toll Road in the saga- which have already confirmed that they are working on the script again with the idea that filming could start in late 2021 or early next year.

The script has been in the works since 2018 and Stallone has been finding funding for the film.

While the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the filming of these types of blockbusters and major productions, and security measures are an impediment to the speed and pace at which these tapes are filmed, it seems that The Mercenaries 4 begins to take on some color. In these moments the uncertainty comes from who will return to the cast. Vrtice has commented that Stallone, Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas and Dolph Lundgren are within the project, repeating their respective roles, and that there are several actors and action film legends who are among the candidates to make cameos or be recurring protagonists facing the future of the license. The production company itself has even been open to Jean Claude Van Damme, a great of the Seventh Art, return playing his character’s brother in the second installment. These big and deadly dinosaurs still have some rope left for a while.