The emotional premiere of Selma Blair’s documentary about her fight against multiple sclerosis

Selma Blair, a true survivor whose story deserves to be told. The 49-year-old American actress lived on Saturday her great day for the premiere of the documentary that narrates his desire to move on despite the terrible disease that crossed his path. The testimony of a brave woman who has not stopped fighting since in 2018 he was diagnosed with a multiple sclerosis, then subjected to harsh and strenuous chemotherapy treatments that caused her hair loss and, at the same time, kept her hope alive. Introducing, Selma Blair is the title of this emotional and real film that has been screened at the Hamptons International Film Festival in New York (USA), where its protagonist couldn’t help but cry to the closed ovation of applause that he received from those present.

Selma Blair and Other Hollywood Self-Improvement Stories


Dressed in a white dress truffled with red roses, with black puffed sleeves and neckline to match her high heels, Selma looked like no one at the photocall where he posed affectionately with the director of the documentary, Rachel Fleit, as well as with his productora, Jordan Overstreet. The interpreter of movies like Cruel intentions and Hellboy, who suffers from mobility problems and therefore has a higher risk of falls, he carried in his hand a cane from which he did not separate one second and the one he leaned on as he walked through the Sag Harbor Cinema. After the viewing and a round of questions, the event moved to the nearby town of Amagansett to continue with the celebration inside a club, where the undisputed star of the evening changed her wardrobe to wear a beautiful and elegant polka dot dress with strapless neckline.

Selma Blair shows off baby


Among the guests, with whom Selma chatted animatedly and photographed herself, were fashion designer Christian Siriano, writer and journalist Keah Brown or Broadway star Mickey Liddell. “I didn’t feel good until a minute ago”, the actress recognized with humor, appreciating the assistance of everyone around her because “It was a bit difficult to get here”, confessed in statements collected by the Daily Mail. In turn, he said that “I also have the pseudobulbar syndrome (involuntary and uncontrolled laughing and crying due to a nervous system disorder), so no can i stop crying“, he pointed out. “I wish I could see myself more often in front of a crowd. It means a lot,” wished last. Introducing, Selma Blair will be released in North American theaters on October 15 for a limited time, before launching into the service of streaming Discovery + on the 21st of this month.

Selma Blair’s maternity style

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