The double of the Hollywood star Nicolas Cage is a Puerto Rican

The work of a double on screen has to be invisible to the eyes of the viewer, but that does not mean that Puerto Rican Lorenzo Orozco is going through one of the best moments of his career as a “stunt performer”.

The Puerto Rican began this year celebrating being part of the resounding success of “Spiderman No Way Home.” He was the double of actor Adam Canto in the movie “Agent Game” along with Mel Gibson and Dermot Mulroney, he made the leap to television to double Holt McCallany in “61st Street” and Chris Noth in “The Equalizer” and this week he returned to theaters like double Nicolas Cage.

This is the third time he has represented the veteran actor, this time with the premiere of “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”. Orozco, who for more than a decade has had the opportunity to double for actors with Ben Affleck, Sean Bean, James Scott and Michael Madsen, has three more projects opening this year, including a standout role in one of the biggest superhero movies ever. anticipated.

During an interesting virtual conversation, Lorenzo gave El Nuevo Día details of how the discipline he developed as an athlete at the University of Turabo has been the key to his performance, Nicolas Cage’s special method for his new film and his first participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Before starting professionally as an actor, you had excelled as an athlete. How was the transition to venture as a “stunt performer” in front of the cameras?

“It was at a casting in Puerto Rico, when super casting director Soraya Sanjurjo told me about Luis Raúl Alcocer, who is a stunt coordinator in Puerto Rico, and that I had the talent and potential to work with him. So I quickly said, that interests me. Because since I was a child, I tried to do all the feats that I saw in the movies. So coming from a track and field background and being a pole vaulter, that got me considered a gymnast. I interviewed Luis Raúl and quickly in the first month of my career as a stunt performer I made two productions. The series “Angels and Diamonds” and the movie “The Losers”.

Do you remember what your first official “stunt” was for the big screen?

“In “The Losers” I got to work with Garrett Warren, who is the one working on the Avatar sequels, and I got to play a soldier. Getting hit by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and then a car accident. It’s all very technical and it’s something that is repetitive. It takes a lot of discipline to be able to perform in that position.”

After that, how was the experience of evolving professionally as a “stunt performer”?

“Well, it’s very complicated. I had the good fortune to work a lot in Puerto Rico. It was in this way that I opened doors to take the leap to work in New York. I had to train a lot in martial arts, boxing, driving cars and that’s something you always have to do. Right now I have been training with several friends in Atlanta to work with cables in the scenes. As a ‘stunt performer’ you have to have a complete preparation. Suppose they are going to hire me as an actor’s double, if I don’t have a “reel” of what I can do in action with a car, then they are going to give the driving scenes to another double. So you have to train with the right people to be ready to do everything. After that you make your professional “demos” to be able to present them and participate in all kinds of projects”.

Well, you don’t have to assume. You have been the double of Nicolas Cage in three of his films, including the most recent, “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”. The hook of that production is that Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage. You who have been able to share with him on a professional level, how far or close is the version of Nicolas Cage in that movie from reality?

“As an actor, Nicolas Cage during his career has used acting techniques that lead him to have a slightly exaggerated method on screen, but that does not mean that his personality is like that. He is a very calm person. He is someone who is always reading a lot and has wacky tastes. He likes anything that he records out of the ordinary. In this role, he is an exaggerated Nick who plays with the public’s perception of him. He has said in many interviews that he does not want to see the film, because what is on the screen is definitely not him. And I can attest that he is a very calm person, but the film introduces a hyperactive Nicolas Cage to create an excellent comedy.”

How did you manage to establish your professional relationship with Nicolas Cage to become his double in three films?

“Starting from the first movie I filmed with him in Puerto Rico. For me it was a great compliment after having done some scenes and he was watching what I was doing on some monitors on the set, he came to me, greeted me and said “Lorenzo, you are a good stuntman, I want you to double me in other movies. I can put you in contact with my agent, in case you want to continue working with me”. And I said of course yes. When we finished filming in Puerto Rico, he told me, “We had a good time, but we’re going to see each other soon in August.” That was for a movie that was going to shoot in Japan that didn’t happen due to several setbacks with the production, including the director having a heart attack. But later we met again in Atlanta to work on ‘Willie’s Wonderland’. That was a full month working with him and it was during that shoot that he invited me to continue working alongside him on “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.”

In addition to that, you are now one of the few Puerto Ricans who can tell me the difference between working on a stunt for a Marvel movie and one for a DC production. I know that you can’t give me details about that last one, but how do you get the opportunity to be part of Spiderman No Way Home?

“Well, as you say, I can talk about Spiderman now because the first thing that happens is that you have to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that doesn’t allow you to say anything until the movie comes out. In Marvel they are very strict. That kind of project you’re working on and the title of the movie is nowhere to be found. This happened while I was working in Atlanta, I was asked to submit all my information and I was chosen. I had to play a policeman in New York. Of everything I did, you see something in the final film, but in this type of production not everything makes it to the final version, even if an elaborate stunt around an explosion has been worked on. It was several weeks of work and it was a very cool experience. The entry for the world of DC is going to be given for October of this year. We’ll talk about that later. The only thing I can tell you is that it is with a superstar and I am very excited because it is a super important participation in the film”, he concludes.

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The double of the Hollywood star Nicolas Cage is a Puerto Rican