The day Natalie Portman slapped Dolores Fonzi

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Almost two decades ago an unusual situation was experienced in the country. International and local media went crazy with the arrival of Natalie Portman to Argentina. The truth is that the international actress had no scheduled work or vacation plans.

At that time, she was dating the actor Gael Garcia Bernal. In 2006, the Mexican had settled in the country for a while and the rumor began to circulate that he would be seeing Dolores Fonzi. It is for this reason that the actress decided to travel from the United States to check with her own eyes.

The international media quickly assured that Natalie Portman had found the Argentine actress and her boyfriend in a compromising situation. But that was not all, the versions claimed that there had been a physical fight between the two.

Some time later, Natalie and Gael separated. Dolores Fonzi began a great relationship with him from which her two children were born: Freedom and Lazarus. For a long time they lived a great love story that dissolved in 2014. Currently the minors live with her in Buenos Aires and frequently visit their father.

The first time that Dolores Fonzi referred to the conflict with Natalie Portman, recounted: “They never asked me. The truth is, she appeared here and I found her exciting, I don’t know, she didn’t understand. Is that her, Natalie Portman? I saw it from the place of actress. What was built around it was more scandalous ”.

Then he took advantage of the moment to deny one of the great myths of the international scandal: “Equally, I want to say that I have known the father of my children for a long time, I say because I did not break anything.” In this sense, he tried to make it clear that she was not the third wheel.

“It was all very high, taken out of context. Cars were chasing us, three cars without lights, I was afraid they would kidnap me, it was time for express kidnappings. I was leaving therapy and there were three cars waiting for me that followed me around the city. It was really horrible, ”he recounted the media persecution at that time.

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The day Natalie Portman slapped Dolores Fonzi