The day Natalie Portman slapped Dolores Fonzi out of jealousy

Natalie Portman surprised her boyfriend Gael Garcia Bernal while he was visiting friends in the Argentine capital. One of the hostesses of the Mexican was the actress Dolores Fonziwith whom he had recorded a movie five years earlier and it was rumored that they had started an affair.

Then, Natalie Portman -born in Jerusalem on June 9, 1981- was a famous actress thanks to her role as princess padme amidala in the second trilogy Star Wars (Epiosdios I, II and III), The professional, Closer and many other movies. And she had been dating the Mexican actor for three years.

As rumors of her boyfriend’s infidelity reached the United States, the megastar took a plane and landed at Ezeiza. Soon there were scandals. Thus, the artist and Harvard-trained psychologist she became furious with the show reporters who harassed her.

Natalie Portman: slap and scandals in Argentina

The first reaction of Dolores Fonzi It was surprise and admiration for the distinguished visitor. “Honestly, when she appeared here she seemed exciting to me. She is Natalie Portman, is a star. I saw it from the place of an actress, ”she told her later about that event that happened in 2006.

Natalie Portman, one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood (Photo: REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes)By: REUTERS

About what actually happened, he did not want to give details, but commented: “What was put together around it was more scandalous than what actually happened. It was horrible that they recorded me and followed me with three cars all day and all night, I felt like they wanted to kidnap me.”

But also, Dolores Fonzi He assured that the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal, who later became the father of his children Lázaro and Libertad, “had known him for a long time and that she did not come to break anything.” The artists had met in 2001, during the filming of private livesthe Argentine-Spanish film directed by Fito Páez.

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However, his brother Tomás confirmed on some occasion what was said at the time: that the star’s trip was caused by his jealousy, that he slapped Dolores and that the scandal was even greater of what had been said.

After fights with the press, the couple disappeared for a few days to “make peace.” Natalie and Gael traveled to Patagonia together on a romantic “honeymoon” before returning to the United States. However, they were very little time together. The romance ended that same year.

The new loves of Gael García Bernal

The next year, Gael Garcia Bernal and the Argentine actress made their romance official, which lasted until 2014. Their children Lázaro and Libertad were born on January 8, 2009 in Madrid and on April 7, 2011 in Buenos Aires.

Natalie Portman with Benjamin Millepied, father of her two children (Photo: REUTERS / Maja Smiejkowska)

Natalie Portman with Benjamin Millepied, father of her two children (Photo: REUTERS / Maja Smiejkowska)By: REUTERS

After separating, in 2015, Dolores Fonzi started a relationship with Santiago MiterDirector of Argentina 1985. They met when he directed her in the movie The range and they never parted again.

Although they share a low profile, this year they could be seen at the last installment of the Oscars in Los Angeles, where the film starring Ricardo Darín and Peter Lanzani was nominated for best foreign film, but did not win.

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also the beautiful Natalie Portman made a new couple: in 2010, while recording the black swan -film for which she received the Oscar for best actress-, she met the French choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied. They were married on August 4, 2012 and have two children: Aleph, born on June 14, 2011, and Amalia, born on February 22, 2017.

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The day Natalie Portman slapped Dolores Fonzi out of jealousy