The date of these boyfriends going to see ‘Minions: A villain is born’ in Cinépolis will make you believe in love

‘Minions: A Villain Is Born’ remains one of the highest-grossing films in Mexico and to this day it remains a perfect option for… a romantic date that has become an inspiration.

Ran out of ideas for a romantic date? Then you could pay attention to a young couple who decided to attend a function in Cinépolis of Minions: A Villain is Bornbut what has attracted attention was her very special way of dressing, since it is a idea so romantic that not even Gru (Andres BustamanteSpanish voice) or Donna Disco (Itatí Cantoral) might resist.

According to a report from Millenniuma couple of young people got creative to show their affection and attended a room in Tampico, Tamaulipas with a denim overalls, black boots, yellow shirt and their respective goggles. And if this were not enough, a huge bouquet of flowers frames this image.


This is what the couple dressed as Minions looks like.

Although the precise date on which this photograph was taken has not been confirmed, it is very likely that it is recent due to the commercials that appear around it from movies such as Thor: Love and Thunder Y Elvisfilms that are currently conquering the box office in our country.

The crossover between minions and The Simpsons that you can see in Star Plus

The film which also features the voices of Steve Carell, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alan Arkin, Michelle Yeoh and Julie Andrews, is among the highest grossing in Mexico with more than 574 million pesos, which means an attendance of 8.7 million attendeesthis with just three weeks of exhibition.

You already know, you don’t need a fancy restaurant or an eccentric trip to have a romantic date where the most important thing is to spend a unique moment with your partner. Don’t forget that the next releases will be a family portrait, Howl, the great freedom Y A Summer Adventure: Goodbye DoonGles!you still have time to think of a great costume and get a huge bouquet of flowers.

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The date of these boyfriends going to see ‘Minions: A villain is born’ in Cinépolis will make you believe in love