“The Cordillera of Dreams” by Patricio Guzmán wins the Goya for Best Ibero-American Film and makes history in the category – La Tercera

The 36th version of the Goya Awards, presented by the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, awarded the Best Ibero-American Film award to the documentary the mountain range of dreams by the experienced director, Patricio Guzmán.

production prevailed over nameless song from Peru, the siamese from Argentina and The Wolves from Mexico. This leaves Chile as the second country that has won the most times in the category with 5 awards, being surpassed only by Argentina, which has 18.

Among the 4 national films that had previously received this recognition are Border by Ricardo Larrain in 1991, The good life by Andres Wood in 2008, fish life by Matías Bize in 2010 and a fantastic woman in 2017.

Given the health context that surrounds the world, Patricio Guzmán was unable to attend the award ceremony held at the Palau de les Arts in Valencia, Spain. However, the director remotely sent his emotional words of thanks: “the mountain range of dreams It is a prospective film, it guesses a little what was going to happen in Chile and it sheds light on our strange history”, he expressed from Paris, the city where he has lived for years.

It is a reflection that Guzmán reiterated during the campaign for the Goya, emphasizing how he anticipated the social events that the country has experienced in recent years that have opened spaces such as the current constituent process.

The producer of the national film, Alexandra Galvis, was in charge of receiving the award on behalf of Guzmán. In his speech he asked that “the country never forget and use its memory to build” and recalled the director’s career, pointing out that he has dedicated “50 years of his life talking about memory, telling the story of Chile and has dedicated his whole life to this, to his love that is Chile”.

The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage received the news with joy: ”We are happy and proudly celebrate that this compelling national documentary has obtained this award. It is not only a recognition of the talent of Patricio Guzmán, his sensitive gaze and his unique way of analyzing the country’s history, it also gives us an account of the quality and solidity of the audiovisual work that is carried out in Chile”, said the Minister. (s), Juan Carlos Silva.

the mountain range of dreams is part of the trilogy of documentaries by Patricio Guzmán whose central theme is the territory and the national memory that he had already worked on nostalgic light Y The mother of pearl buttonthe two titles that precede the recent award-winning film.

The production was selected at the end of November passed by the Chilean Film Academy to represent the country in the Goya Awards, betting again on the documentary, just as it did last year when choosing the mole agent by Maite Alberdi to compete in the category.

Although last year Alberdi’s film did not manage to keep the award that the Colombian took The oblivion that we will bethis time the mountain range of dreams makes history by becoming the first documentary to receive recognition for Best Ibero-American Film at the Goya Awards.

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“The Cordillera of Dreams” by Patricio Guzmán wins the Goya for Best Ibero-American Film and makes history in the category – La Tercera