The consequences of Margot Robbie’s box office failure

Admittedly, Margot Robbie is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but she’s not quite successful at the box office.

Margot Robbie started his career in Australia, but then made the leap to Hollywood with the movie The wolf of Wall Street (2013) and left all viewers shocked. From there he began a brilliant career and reached super stardom with Suicide Squad (2016) where he played the beloved DC Comics character Harley Quinn. After that he sought the Oscar with Yo, Tonya (2017) the Terminal (2018), but the funny thing is that she accepted some supporting roles as Sharon Tate in Once upon a time in … Hollywood (2019) and Kayla Pospisil in The scandal (2019). In time it came back like Harley Quinn on Birds of prey (2020) and The Suicide Squad (2021), but neither of these two films have had the expected success and this could cost the actress dearly.

Disney wants to retake the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean but without him Jack Sparrow from Johnny Depp. For the new adventures they wanted Margot Robbie absolute protagonist, but it seems that the film studio is not so clear now due to the failure of the last films of DC Comics that have not become profitable.

Remember that the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean it’s really expensive, as their movies usually have a 200 million budget and the latest installment grossed $ 794 million and was considered a small flop. Since almost all the previous releases were close to 1,000 million.

  1. The Curse of the Black Pearl: 654 M
  2. Dead Man’s Chest: 1,006 M
  3. At the end of the world: 960 M
  4. On Stranger Tides: 1045 M
  5. Salazar’s Revenge: 794 M

Is the actress popular enough to star in a billion dollar saga?

Now Disney has plans for a new movie by Pirates of the Caribbean with a female cast led by Margot Robbie, but it should be on par with the other five installments. Luckily, the franchise is still very popular and also unlike Birds of prey and The Suicide Squad that are rated R, these movies are more familiar. Even so, the studio is already rethinking things and they may not be so radical when creating the story and follow the line of the previous installments.

There are already some managers who think I should return Johnny Depp What Jack Sparrow and pass the witness to Margot Robbie, instead of pretending it never existed in this world where adventure and fantasy mix. While they make up their minds, you can see all the films in the saga at the Disney Plus streaming platform.