The comedy series of less than 3 hours that the Netflix algorithm hides and you cannot miss

The streaming service Netflix It came to change the lives of millions of people around the world by offering the opportunity to watch various film and television content from the comfort of their homes. However, the big complaint on the part of subscribers is based on the fact that they do not find productions that attract them, since the platform mainly offers them series O films that are governed by the views of each person.

This is how the famous works algorithm, which is nice to have for some to reproduce what appears on the main screen, but for other users it means regularly having the same offerings as always. What usually happens in these cases it is that there are programs or feature films that are kept hidden and people do not even know that they are there. That’s why we did the work for you and here we bring you Why are you like this?, an unmissable comedy series.

What is it about? Its official synopsis advances: “Three young people live their friendship between work, fun, identity politics, romances and unleashed nights in this sharp satire of life in their twenties in Melbourne”. The critics have given him a great reception, ensuring that it is very easy to get infected with what the characters live, who address the issues of youth in a way that will provoke laughter in the audience.

Another very interesting factor for the Australian show to be considered to watch is that has a single season of 6 episodes of less than half an hour each, so it is ideal to see it on a weekend or in a day, since we are talking about less than 3 hours in total. The series premiered on television in 2018 by ABC, responsible for other fictions such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, but it came to Netflix in April of this year.

Its main cast is composed of Naomi Higgins like Penny, Olivia Junkeer in the role of Mia and Wil King brings Austin to life. The great curiosity is that Why are you like this? has great reasons for it to have a greater number of audience in streaming, but since it is not an original content of Netflix the algorithm does its job and sadly keeps it out of the spotlight for subscribers.

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The comedy series of less than 3 hours that the Netflix algorithm hides and you cannot miss