The chosen ones of Skip Intro: the best series, movies and content that we saw in streaming in this 2021

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In 2021, in this space we not only celebrate the end of another year, but the end of the year in which Saltar Intro was born, with which we seek to guide you in your search for content in the increasingly wide range of ‘on demand’ video platforms.

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With this objective in mind, the team of journalists from Saltar Intro saw many series, films, documentaries, reality shows, among other formats throughout this year, and in this note we made a selection of our favorites. Being a very personal list, you will surely find titles that escaped our balance sheets, but that will surely catch your attention:

The chosen ones of Alfonso Rivadeneyra: ()

Qualification Platform
“Wandavision” (series) Disney+
“Attack on Titan”, temporada 4 (serie) Crunchyroll
“I May Destrou You” (serie) HBO Max
“Loki” (serie) Disney+
“Invincible” (serie) Prime Video
Position 1: “Arcane”
The best animated series of the year in every way. With an unprecedented graphic style, as well as a musical selection and praiseworthy performances, they show the struggle of an oppressed people against a privileged society. But nothing is as simple as it seems.
"Arcane" this 2021 came to Netflix.
“Arcane” came to Netflix in 2021.

Pierina Denegri’s chosen ones:

Qualification Platform
“Alive” (film) Netflix
“Annette” (film) Mubi
“Gilberto Gil: a god in his garden” (film) HBO Max
“The sexual life of college girls” (series) HBO Max
“Maligno” (film) HBO Max
“Chiaroscuro” (film) Netflix
“The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It” (film) HBO Max
“Mare of Easttown” (series) HBO Max
“The bones” (film) Mubi
Puesto 1: “Bo Burnham: Inside” (Netflix)
This is, without a doubt, one of the best results of the confinement due to the pandemic. Comedian, artist and musician Bo Burnham presents us with a special of fresh, honest, captivating and scathing humor where he talks about everything that we have experienced as part of the quarantine. At the end of monologues and songs – the kind that don’t get out of your head – reflect on issues such as loneliness, mental health and the role of the Internet in these times, to name a few. His songs like “Bezos I”, “Welcome to the Internet” and “Look Who’s Inside Again” are so recognized that they have been used in thousands of reels and tik toks.
The chosen ones of Skip Intro the best series movies

Melvyn Arce’s chosen ones:

Qualification Platform
“Mare of Easttown” (series) HBO Max
“RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 6″ (reality) Netflix
“Pretend It’s a City” (serie documental) Netflix
“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”, temporada 2 (serie) Disney+
“The Beatles: Get Back” (documental) Disney+
“Only Murders in the Building” (serie) HBO Max
“Spice Girls: The Price of Success” (documentary) Movistar +
“Sex Education”, temporada 4 (serie) Netflix
“Framing Britney Spears” (documental) Hulu
Position 1: “September Mornings” (Prime Video)
Among so much content to stream, it is natural that there are good stories that end up going unnoticed. We could say that it was the case of “Mañanas de Septiembre”, a series that, unlike other titles of the always interesting Brazilian audiovisual, failed to make a crossover to the Hispanic part of the region, but that undoubtedly has a lot to offer. . Starring the singer Liniker, the plot introduces us to Cassandra, a transgender woman who, unlike other portraits of trans characters, does not live in the drama: she has friends who are family, a boyfriend, her own home and dreams. Everything changes when a boy appears in his house who introduces himself as his son. But history does not go by the conventions that can advance that turn, we are facing one of the most original scripts of the year. We look forward to its second season.
The chosen ones of Skip Intro the best series movies

Gabriela Delgado’s chosen ones: ()

Qualification Platform
“La Voz España” (singing reality show) ATRESPlayer Premium
“Chucky, the series” (series) Star+
“The Squid Game” (series) Netflix
“The cook of Castamar” (series) Netflix
“Diego Maradona de Asif Kapadia” (documental) HBO Max
“The Morning Show”, temporada 2 (serie) Apple TV+
“Song without a name” (film) Netflix
“WandaVision” (series) Disney+
“Luimelia4 ″ (series) ATRESPlayer Premium
Position 1: “Dickinson”, Season 3 (Apple TV +)
Released at the end of 2019, Dickinson has made it clear that it is a series with a very particular style and a language of its own not seen for a long time in a program of its genre. Set in the 19th century, this fiction starring Hailee Steinfeld, written and produced by Alena Smith, is far from staunchly telling the story of Emily Dickinson. On the contrary, it shows us the life of the American poet in a modern way. It is a visual, musical and scripting gear that is very much enjoyed. It has good performances, and it is a pity that its impact has not been greater. Maybe on a bigger chain it would have had a better reach. It is undoubtedly one of the jewels of AppleTv +
1640538768 4 The chosen ones of Skip Intro the best series movies

The chosen ones of Juan Luis del Campo:

Qualification Platform
“Invincible” (serie) Prime Video
“Lupin”, second season (series) Netflix
“Only Murders in the Building” (serie) Star+
“Succession”, temporada 3 (series) HBO Max
“What We Do in the Shadows” (serie) Star+
“Suicide Squad” (film) HBO Max
“Raya and the Last Dragon” (película) Disney+
“Hot Ones” (webserie) YouTube
“Busted, temporada 3” (reality) Netflix
Puesto 1: “Foundation” (Apple TV+)
Although warmly received by critics, I cannot help but admire the titanic effort of trying to bring Isaac Asimov’s magnum opus to series format, creating a story full of interesting characters that inherits the spirit of the novels. I look forward to the second season.
1640538768 892 The chosen ones of Skip Intro the best series movies

The chosen ones of Patricia Castañeda: ()

Qualification Platform
“Sex Education”, temporada 3 (serie) Netflix
“Cruella” (film) Disney+
“Dune” (movie) HBO Max
“Tick, Tick… Boom!” (película) Netflix
“Lupine”, temporada 2 (series) Disney+
“The Beatles: Get Back” (serie) Disney+
“The paper house”, final season (series) Netflix
“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” (series) Disney+
“You”, season 3 (series) Netflix
Position 1: “WandaVision” (Disney +)
Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Betany) gave us a funny and moving story. It is a series that every Marvel fan will enjoy as it has unexpected twists and turns. In addition, the journey through the history of sitcoms was spectacular. The scenery, the clothes and even the tone of the jokes transported us to each of the decades.
1640538768 620 The chosen ones of Skip Intro the best series movies

Leslie A. Galván’s chosen ones: ()

Qualification Platform
“Billie Eilish: the world is a bit blurry” (documentary) Apple TV+
“The Morning Show”, temporada 2 (serie) Apple TV+
“Ted Lasso” (series) Apple TV+
“Val” (documentary) Netflix
“Sucession”, temporada 3 (serie) HBO Max
“Hawkeye” (serie) Disney+
“The Lady and The Dale” (serie) HBO Max
“Allen vs. Farrow” (documentary) HBO Max
“Two complete strangers” (short film) Netflix
Position 1: “Anette” (Mubi)
A magnetic and romantic piece, without clichés, that shows the relationship of two distant souls that make up a somewhat satirical musical tragedy. There is not a second in which the narrative does not give the viewer of the film a shock of pleasure, a dramatic shake-up. Adam Driver and 2022 Golden Globe nominee Marion Cotillard overflow with their talents on the film scene, the quality that the viewer deserves, just like Caroline Champetier’s photography and Sparks’s handwriting.
1640538768 108 The chosen ones of Skip Intro the best series movies

Diana Gonzales’s chosen ones: ()

Qualification Platform
Britney vs. Spears ”(documentary) Netflix
“Young Highnesses” (series) Apple TV+
“On the edge” (series) Apple TV+
“Sex Education”, third season (series) Prime Video
“And Just Like That” (serie) HBO Max
“Mare of Easttown” (series) HBO Max
“The power of the dog” (film) Netflix
“Master of none”, tercera temporada (serie) Netflix
“Scenes of a marriage” (series) HBO Max
Position 1: “Succession”, Season 3 (HBO Max)
With its third and final season, Succession established itself as one of the most important series in recent years, even compared to The Game of Thrones for its family intrigue, the execrable power struggle and betrayals. With a wonderful script, music and permanent tension, sarcasm and humor, the series explicitly depicts the grossest side of power that perfectly dialogues with the humiliation of the other. Characters like Logan Roy (patriarch owner of a media conglomerate and other millionaire businesses) and his four children (struggling with each other for parental recognition), construct family situations that are as hurtful as they are pathetic, as when the wounds are discovered and, instead of heal them, a pinch of salt is poured on them.
The Roy brothers: Roman (Kieran Culkin), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Shiv (Sarah Snook), faced by power against their father Logan (Brian Cox) in a critical moment of "Succession". (Photo: HBO)
The Roy brothers: Roman (Kieran Culkin), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Shiv (Sarah Snook), face power against their father Logan (Brian Cox) in a critical moment of “Succession”. (Photo: HBO)

What titles would you include in your ranking? Remember that you can send us your comments through our social networks and to the email



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The chosen ones of Skip Intro: the best series, movies and content that we saw in streaming in this 2021