The biggest gaffes from this year’s superhero movies

2021 will be remembered as the year of cinema’s recovery. Not only did he leave behind several of the great premieres long postponed by the pandemic. Also a wide collection of films with brilliant scripts, staging and visual section. If I had to do a review, there are more high points than low points in the year that put the film industry to the test. But that does not mean that we have realized the great mistakes of the films of this year.

But there were also a good number of films that, despite their success, were not so perfect. Others, whose scripts took advantage of more than convenient circumstances to solve their plots. And, of course, the ones that despite their quality, box office success and popularity with fans, are full of continuity errors. In 2021 when traditional cinema and streaming showed their best weapons, the kits are more noticeable.

Characters that acquire powers without prior evidence having them. Inconsistencies and crazy forgetfulness. Selective oversights of the production team. In 2021 he left one of the funniest bug collections and peculiar of the last years.

That great power that comes and goes: Ned, why you?

Marvel Studios

Ned Leeds (played by Jacob Batalon) was until now the great friend of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Self-proclaimed “the man in the basement”, so far his participation in the Watts trilogy it had been that of the superhero’s great friend. Which, of course, was always a source of endless fun, jokes and a way to understand Peter from a new perspective.

But in Spider Man: No Way Home, the argument decided that it was a good time for Ned to acquire magical powers. So many to open magic portals without prior training. At the mere mention of being a “magical boy” to his grandmother and “feeling a tickle in his fingers”, Ned was able to open a multiversal space. One that was also functional enough to bring two variants of Peter Parker and find them in the vastness of the multiverse.

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The biggest gaffes from this year’s superhero movies