The best legal site to watch series and movies for free in streaming this weekend

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Oscar-nominated fiction, sports and movies available for free this weekend with Star + Free Pass. Everything within the reach of a click and without paying!

We know that you are constantly looking for amazing content on legal sites from streaming without having to spend a single peso, so we have good news for you: Star Plus confirmed that from October 22-24, its streaming catalog will be completely free for new users. Is Christmas early?

It’s about the offer Star + Free Pass, which will consist of captivating potential subscribers by opening the doors to enjoy series such as The Walking Dead or all Italian Serie A football matches at no cost! The event starts from Friday, October 22 at midnight and will end until Sunday, October 24 at 11:59 p.m. – not a minute more not a minute less.

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The entire Star Plus catalog will be completely free!

To enjoy this offer, all you need to do is create your Star Plus account and enter your bank details but, don’t worry, The platform will not be charged any monthly payment because you will do it within the Free Pass section, which will let the system understand that the payment is restricted.

If all the exclusive content available only on Star Plus convinces you, then the platform will automatically charge the first monthly subscription. Now if you just want to try it for a weekend, then You will need to cancel your account before Sunday ends so that the service is not charged to your bank card.

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Every season of ‘American Horror Story’, including the one starring Macaulay Culkin!

As we already said, it will be a weekend of free movies and series on the platform that belongs to Disney Plus so that you can enjoy incredible productions from the comfort of your armchair, among which all the seasons of The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, one of the longest running series on television that has captured millions of viewers; the last episode of the tenth season of American Horror Story, an anthological series whose cast is headed by Macaulay Culkin; The Empty Man, among other popular titles.

‘Extermination’, ‘Sinister Mind’ and other horror movies available on Star Plus

And not only that! With Star + Free Pass you will also have access to todiiiiito the content related to sports, that is, you will be able to see the Italian Soccer Serie A, F1 and the closing of the MLB Championship series. Not bad for a weekend, huh?

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