The best action movie that you cannot miss this weekend on Star Plus

Action is one of people’s favorite genres, so no streaming platform can put it aside. In the case of Star Plus, one of the best offers it has is “Kingsman: The Secret Service “, which was released in 2014 and stars Colin Firth and Taron Egerton.

The story begins with Eggsy, interpreted by Egerton, a young man who lost his father and decided to take the wrong path. Because he is caught stealing a car, he is taken to prison, where he decides to wear a medal that a friend of his father gave him telling him that he would help him in exchange for her without any condition when he decided.

Harry Hart, better known as Galahad, who pays the boy’s bail. After seeing the type of life that the young man leads, the man decides to invite him to take a test to become an agent of Kingsman, an illegal and secret association that is in charge of stopping global threats in different countries.

Eggsy accepts, although he is not prepared, the tough tests in which he will have to compete with other people who are his age, but they far exceed him in training military and experience in risky situations, so this journey will not give you anything easy.

Why watch Kingsman: The Secret Service?

Although they are cult films, the tapes of “James Bond“They were not the same phenomenon for millennials as for their parents, therefore, the spy genre did not have installments that were attractive to this generation, until the arrival of”Kingsman“.

The film also has a well-structured soundtrack and fight sequences worked down to the smallest detail, it has an easy-to-understand story, but it has the necessary twists to keep the attention of the audience. viewer.

The tests, as well as the conspiracy at the end of these events are entertaining and put to the test not only the protagonist, but also the viewer, since ethical dilemmas are shown that can provoke intense debates among those who see the tape.

Refering to esthetic, this production can be defined in the phrase that is most said in it: “manners make man”. During most of this adventure, the characters dress in label, which is in contrast to the violent fights they have and the technology they have.

Taron Egerton stars in the film.

How about the sequel?

The second part of this movie, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle“, is also available in Star Plus and it came only three years after the original. In it you can see the characters from the previous film working to end the conspiracy of a mad scientist who seeks to end humanity.

Although the premise of this film is interesting and the simile of this intelligence group is also included in state United, the production does not finish convincing, because there are situations that feel forced to make the plot more bearable.

In addition to this, the story stops being a serious subject loaded with humor to become a parody of what was the first tape. It is not a bad delivery, but only the fans can enjoy it as it should. It is so disparate from the original that it does not seem to be also directed by Matthew Vaughn.

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