The best 4K movies to put your smart TV to the test

The 4K definition allows you to enjoy the cinema in all its intensity so you do not lose detail.

Nothing better than a good smart TV to enjoy the best content. Now that we are on our way to autumn, we always want to select some movies that are capable of putting our smart TV to the test. 4K technology makes it possible for us not to lose detail and the definition is the best possible. We have selected a good potpourri of movies with which you are going to check if your smart TV, whether or not it has HDR technologycan give you everything you want.

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A selection of essential titles.

4K movies to enjoy on your smart TV

christmas in 8 bit

Christmas movie that brings together the best of the classic titles set at this time, along with touches of humor. Ideal for family viewing, there is no doubt that it will put your smart TV to the test. A very nice title, with some really successful hits, and that you always want to see.

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The Fallout

Vada is a student who suffers a traumatic experience while studying high school. From that moment, everything begins to change, from your relationships with your family to those you maintain with your friends. A story with a lot of intensity that you can make the most of on your 4K smart TV.

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Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Saga It changed the way we had to understand science fiction cinema. As such, there is nothing better than enjoying Matrix Revolutions in 4K and being amazed at everything this film can do.

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The Elvis’ story is shaped by his manager, who in this film is represented by Tom Hanks. A film that you can enjoy in 4K and that makes news for all lovers of modern music history.

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The Irish

None other than Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci are at the command of Martin Scorsese in this film about organized crime in post-war America. A movie not to be missed and that will keep you glued to the sofa.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Impeccable intrigue film with a critic, an assistant and an art gallery owner involved. A beautiful invoice and photograph that will make you realize everything that 4K technology can offer you on your television.

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midnight sky

George Clooney stars in an interesting story related to the one we live in 2020. In this case, a planetary catastrophe makes this scientist, who is at the North Pole, want to prevent astronauts from returning to Earth.

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This selection of 4K movies for your smart TV is a real luxury. This way you will be able to get the most out of it and check if everything that your television announces is then capable of offering it. 4K technology allows you to appreciate more details, a more fluid movement of images and that all the contents are seen in a different way. 4K technology has been democratized and it is already possible to find good smart TVs and gadgets at a fairly reasonable price.

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The best 4K movies to put your smart TV to the test