The Batman will be comparable to Nolan’s trilogy

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Warner Bros thinks that The Batman by Matt Reeves will be comparable to Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy

While we wait for The Batman reaches us, recent rumors have worried DC fans as they pointed out that Warner Bros is having trouble with the Matt Reeves movie, which will mark Robert Pattinson’s debut with the cape and hood. It has been said that the study could delay it even further until next year so that they can “Correct it” and this indicates that we may have another dreaded situation of the type of League of Justice in our hands.

However, new information has since emerged refuting these claims. Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has revealed that his own internal sources have told him the exact opposite. In fact, according to Sutton, WB loves what Pattinson has done with the role and they have high hopes for when the world finally sees him in action. Executives apparently feel that the Brit’s performancerivals Michael Keaton’s iconic portrayal of the Caped Crusader ”.

Furthermore, the Geekosity source notes that WB is confident that it will be much more successful with audiences than its immediate predecessor on paper. “They feel that Pattinson will be more popular than Ben Affleck as Batman.”says the medium. As for the Reeves films, the studio is said to believe that Batman is comparable to the legendary trilogy. Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan due to “Its intensity and adult nature”.

It’s been clear all along that WB expected Robert Pattinson to be an iconic new Batman on par with Keaton and Christian Bale and for Reeves to deliver a movie just as good as Nolan’s. And if they have really succeeded, we can be sure that a gift awaits us when The Batman it finally hits theaters in March of next year.

Is it true that it will be comparable to the Nolan trilogy? The bar is very high, hopefully so.

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