June 11, 2021

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The Batman: terminally ill asks Warner to see the movie before he dies | Tomatazos

The Batman terminally ill asks Warner to see the movie

The batman It was one of the most anticipated films of 2021, however, the pandemic got in the way, delaying the filming and declaring a new date for 2022. The road to the premiere has become too long, but in the middle of the picture a fan Terminally ill makes his fight to ask the Warner lords to allow him to see the tape before he dies. Without a doubt, the interest that The batman has awakened in audiences is surprising and will surely leave a deep mark among the many films about the famous superhero of Gotham City.

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Robert Pattinson was declared the new Batman in May 2019. Much had been said about the candidates who had reached the final stages of the election process, with Pattinson Y Nicholas Hoult like the great aspirants of the last stage. The paper remained in the hands of the star of Twilight – 48% and at first not everyone took it well, however, the actor’s appearance in films such as High Life – 73% or The lighthouse – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos96% He made it clear to us that his skills in front of the camera are many and very valuable. Now everyone wants to see The batman, including Justin ward, a fan with terminal brain cancer who has released the following message through Twitter:

Once again, I’m asking Warner, DC Comics, Warner Pictures, Matt Reeves, and DC Fandom to help me see The Batman as a last wish. The delay from the pandemic was too long and brain cancer is rapid. So please? It’s my number one movie I’ve held on to.

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Through a Go Fund Me campaign, Ward He has also started soliciting donations to support his parents now that his death is imminent. Its objective is to raise at least US $ 20 thousand and so far it has achieved US $ 1945; The initiative was created on May 17 and continues. Here the brief description:

I have recently been diagnosed with severe and fatal brain metastases. I am only a few months old. Attempting one last effort to cover my arrangements and dying process. If possible, I would like to leave my parents some reserve money that will offset the cost of my death. Any help is welcome.

The batman It has become one of DC Films’ most ambitious films because it represents a completely new take on what is seen in the DC Extended Universe. Robert Pattinson You will have the opportunity to play a completely new Bruce Wayne, endowed with characteristics seen in the comics but perhaps never in some film adaptation of the past. The recordings of the tape were interrupted by the pandemic and for some time it was commented that the relationship between the main star and director was not being the best, but the production team knew how to get the job done and very soon we will have it within our reach in theaters cinema.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that the development of The batman it’s a complete mistake and that Warner Bros. should focus on continuing the DC Extended Universe story rather than introducing another Batman. But the executives have already made it very clear that the characters of Zack snyder You are no longer interested and you want to move on with other ideas; Of course, the above has earned the studio fans repudiation and it can still be noticed on social networks.

The batman It opens in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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