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The batman finished its stage of recordings a long time ago and things are moving steadily towards the expected premiere. But while the recordings will shape Gotham City’s new superhero, that doesn’t mean things have turned out well for everyone. New information from the journalist Grace randolph (via Cosmic Book News) Maintains that Robert Pattinson Y Matt reeves, main star and director, they established a very bad relationship; in fact, they both seem to absolutely loathe each other. Not even one of Warner’s most anticipated projects has been able to save itself from controversy.

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The first teaser for The batman appeared on social media in August 2020, when Warner Bros. presented numerous previews of its projects at the online convention titled DC FanDome. The batman was the most applauded among the public and his trailer was filled with millions of views on YouTube. Fans of the superhero from Gotham City were fascinated by the definitive presentation of Robert Pattinson as the character, after a time in which he was singled out as an inappropriate actor for the role. Now many await his performance with high expectations, but that does not leave him out of the controversy.

Through a new video on his YouTube channel, Grace randolph share a rumor about their bad relationship Robert Pattinson Y Matt reeves. In previous months there was talk about their troublesome encounters, rumors about Pattinson and your spread of COVID-19, or Matt reeves despising him for not being responsible for managing his body weight; many things were said about their nonexistent friendship, but now Randolph holds that it is true:

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I heard it’s true, that Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson are not friends. I heard it was alarming that they weren’t friends. But I can’t believe they are so against each other as to jeopardize this franchise. So let’s see what happens. But it’s funny to me that Matt Reeves totally agrees with Batman, yet he and his star hate each other.

It has been commented that the alleged bad relationship between Pattinson Y Reeves could jeopardize the potential franchise for the new Batman. The trilogy takes shape at an uncertain time for DC Comics superheroes on the big screen. Let us remember that Warner premiered Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos82% after he looked against it, so anything could happen to the new Bruce Wayne. Will we see a good bond between star and director before the cameras during release time? Things are still uncertain for the ambitious film, especially with a studio as unpredictable as Warner.

The batman is shaping up to be one of the biggest hits of 2022, a win for Warner Bros. and another memorable performance for Robert Pattinson, a star who has managed to consolidate his figure in the training industry. The film will feature several famous characters from the comics, mostly villains, who will be in charge of making life impossible for our protagonist. What kinds of conflicts will Warner’s new Batman have to face and resolve? It has been previously commented that the film will explore the deepest part of Bruce Wayne, perhaps topics that have never been covered before in a film adaptation.

The batman It will hit theaters on March 4, 2022. The film suffered constant delays due to the coronavirus pandemic but now the studio is determined not to let more time pass. Will Gotham’s new superhero live up to the hype even though two of the production’s biggest figures don’t have a good relationship?

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