‘The Batman’ introduces Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in their incredible new trailer

Revenge and justice are the same for Batman and Catwoman. After show us your looks and delve in the background of some characters, The Batman has released a spectacular and revealing thriller in which special emphasis is placed on the relationship between the characters of Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) y Selina Kyle (Zo Kravitz). The film, which will be screened in theaters on March 4, 2022, is one of Warner’s great blockbusters for the coming months.

Revenge, justice and an unexpected alliance

The new trailer leaves little room for doubt: Riddler o Enigma (Paul Dano) put the city in check. In fact, in the numerous sequences of the trailer we can delight in an unexpected alliance between two animals of the night, Batman and Catwoman, that although they will have their differences, they will end up collaborating to do justice and take revenge for those evils that afflict and torment them. It is remarkable the way in which it seems that the action and the most thriller They will shake hands throughout the footage, with fast-paced sequences.

The cat and the bat will join forces to save Gotham

Matt Reeves, (War for the planet of the apes), director of the film, wanted to promote the detective facet of the bat, which in The Batman to investigate with ahnco what is besieging the city of Gotham and making its leaders fear the absolute lack of control of the citizenry. In fact, it will be Bruce Wayne’s obsession in his fight with crime that will be enhanced in this new film, very close to some of the more recent comics. Not so much playboy Like other times and Wayne, being a hermit billionaire in his own mansion, focused on his artifacts and improving his suit to fight the crime that he once took from his parents.

The Batman It will be released next March 4 in theaters.

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‘The Batman’ introduces Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in their incredible new trailer