The anime City Hunter will have a new film for its anniversary – Kudasai

On the official Twitter account for the multimedia franchise based on the manga written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo, City Hunter, the production of a new feature film was announced to commemorate the thirty-fifth anniversary of the first anime adaptation. The promotional video shows a fragment of the musical theme “Get Wild“, interpreted by TM Networkand confirm that akira kamiya will play the protagonist again Ryō Saeba.

the sleeve of Tsukasa Hojo it was published between 1985 and 1991 and has thirty-five compilation volumes. The manga inspired four television anime series, an anime film, and several television and video specials, including a 2015 OVA. The original anime premiered in April 1987, and like all subsequent projects, it was produced by the studies Sunrise. Finally the movie City Hunter Movie: Shinjuku Private Eyes it was released in theaters in Japan in February 2019.

City Hunter Synopsis

“City Hunter” is a notorious group of contractors with the callsign “XYZ”. No matter the job, they’ll take it, cleaning up scum from the streets of Tokyo. The key member of City Hunter is Ryou Saeba; Armed with his trusty Colt Python and pinpoint accuracy, he works alongside the willful tomboy Kaori Makimura.

Together they solve difficult cases and face the many dangers that come with their trade. However, when he’s not hunting thieves and villains, Ryou finds pleasure in chasing after beautiful ladies with only Kaori and her hundred-ton hammer to keep him at bay. From pickpockets and arms dealers to crime syndicates, nothing can stand in Ryou Saeba’s way as he takes aim at his next mission.

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The anime City Hunter will have a new film for its anniversary – Kudasai