The Amazing Spider-Man: Are Andrew Garfield Movies That Bad? Why did it fail?

With Spider-Man: No Way Home With its premiere scheduled for December 16 (next week at the time of writing these lines) it is time to take a look at the past a bit. Even now, the possible appearance of Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield in the feature film starring Tom Holland. Nothing is confirmed yet, but there are a thousand and one theories and clues, even leaked promotions, that indicate that the previous web launchers will make an appearance in the new Jon Watts film, thus merging the Spider-Man universes into one. The Cinematographic Universe of Marvel He was about to take a giant leap by putting together films from the past, which in principle did not have to be inserted here, to expand his world and put all the work done over the years in the same closet. On this occasion, we will review Andrew Garfield’s career as a web launcher focusing on how his film series flops.

We have chosen this actor because he was the only one of the three Spider-Man who has not managed to have his trilogue on the big screen, and it is something that is partly understood, especially if we stick to the box office figures. But on the other hand it’s a bit odd considering that, overall, Garfield wasn’t an absolute disaster in the role of the character either. Stan Lee. It is possible that now the actor has a new opportunity to appear in a movie theater with the mythical blue and red suit with his companions.

Are Garfield Movies Really That Bad?

Well to tell the truth, in our opinion at least, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man feature films with Marc Webb they are by no means a disaster. Yes, they may not be of the same quality as tape Sam Raimi (especially with regard to craft work of special effects), but in terms of history they work perfectly and slip as a new adaptation of the web launcher. A somewhat different revisit to how we had known Spider-Man in an original way showing new villains on screen, with lizard as the protagonist of the first part and Electro leading the second (the latter supplemented by the Green Goblin and Rhino ultimately).

Garfield does not have the same acting skills, in this case, as Tobey Maguire or Tom Holland, but of course it is not out of tune with the role and manages to convey certain sensations of the original character, but in a somewhat free way. You can see his movie do, in fact, as a return visit to the character or as an alternative study to the pages of the Marvel comic. Spider-Man poses here a series of existential problems similar to those we have seen on previous occasions, although it is true that much more emphasis is placed on Parker’s feeling for wanting to stop the machinery and have a more normal life. It is not so much, say, a leap into the void as it is the transformation of Tom Holland or even, in part, of Tobey Maguire.

In short, they are still two very entertaining feature films that offer a good dose of fun, action and a different Peter Parker. The Amazing Spider-Man he has a lot of problems, of course, because his stories have quite a few script problems. However, we must also bear in mind that this is the twentieth time that we have been told the story of the web launcher, so as spectators we also come a little fatigued.

Why then did the movies fail?

In general lines, and as usual, it was all the fault of the box office income that occurred with the sequel in 2014. The first part of The Amazing Spider-Man managed to raise 700 million dollars and, the second, it fell a bit below, serving as an indicator to Sony to realize that this was not really the path that had to be followed to be able to make a new universe of characters (with the Sinister six).

On the other hand, Sony had some problems with Andrew Garfield and his professionalism, since it seems that the actor missed a vitally important press conference in which the third installment of the trilogue was to be announced. The Amazing Spider-Man, which was not finally released or realized. The conflict revolved around an email that Garfield sent to the company assuring that he was not going to appear at the press conference he attended Kaz Hirai, one of the top representatives of Sony. From then on, everything went downhill and the decision was made to fire Garfield as Spider-Man.

That came not even painted to Tom Holland, because he became the official replacement and became the new launcher. Garfield may now have his moment of redemption by appearing in No Way Home, what until it could lead to us turning him on more times as Spider-Man in the future if they keep messing with the universes. In any case, the films of The Amazing Spider-Man did not finish curdling in the public and this manifested it by not going to the box office (the opposite is happening with No Way Home). The young Garfield, who was 27 when he got into the role, missed a golden opportunity and he himself is aware, but luckily the actor’s career has prospered extremely positively.

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The Amazing Spider-Man: Are Andrew Garfield Movies That Bad? Why did it fail?