The (alleged) real cases behind ‘Incantation’, the Taiwanese horror movie on Netflix

incantation (Hex in its title in Spanish), is the horror movie that has caused a sensation in the Netflix catalog. It is a Taiwanese production, directed by Kevin Ko, which has become the highest grossing and most terrifying film in the country that, as if that were not enough, Inspired by real cases.

Generally, these kinds of bullets are used to sell a movie and provoke viewers to watch it (the Netflix description reads this). But we have to say that some of this in incantation It is true. Yes, it has become the highest grossing horror film in Taiwanese history and its story is built from testimonials of people near sects and possessions.

But of all the cases the director and screenwriter returned to incantation, there are a couple that have stolen the attention of the audience because they are simply terrifying. So here we tell you what is it about incantation and the cases that supposedly inspired it.

‘Incantation’ poster / Photo: IMDB

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incantation It is a 2022 production that enters the horror genre and found footage narrated in a non-linear way. This means that everything we see on the screen comes from amateur recordings made by the stars of the film (The most famous example of horror found footage is The Blair Witch Project).

the protagonist is Ronan, a video blogger that we follow in two different times. The first is when she has a specialized paranormal channel with her boyfriend and his cousin. The story starts when They are on their way to a small village, completely isolated, where a family lives that worships Mother Buddha.

Ronan's character and his daughter Dodo in 'Incantation'
Ronan’s character and his daughter Dodo in ‘Incantation’ / Photo: Netflix

In this place there has been talk of the existence of a tunnel to which it is forbidden to enter. So the trip, documented on video, is made to enter and record what happens (they have to know that Ronan discovers that she is pregnant). However, since his arrival things start to get strange, and his entrance to the tunnel represents the beginning of a terrible curse from which they give off possessions, demons and very terrifying things.

The second stage is when Ronan gets his daughter back after abandoning her after suffering the effects of the curse upon entering the tunnel. When she decides to have a life with her daughter, she begins to document everything so that the girl has a testimony of her mother. But soon the girl, named Dodo, is brought under the curse.

Along the incantationin mockumentary format, we see how Ronan tries to save his daughter involving the audience in some rituals. For example, it asks us to memorize a prayer/mantra by recognizing a recurring symbol in the film.

The Wu family

The case of the Wu family is strange, since There is no 100 percent reliable report that defines the case beyond a few blogs. But here we tell you what is said about this event and how it relates to incantation.

In 2005, in Kaohsiung in southeastern Taiwan, the Wu family made a terrifying news. On April 10 of that year, a woman appeared at the entrance of a hospital unconscious. Doctors began treating her and discovered that his mouth and nose were full of feces.

Image from 'Incantation'
Image from ‘Incantation’ / Photo: Netflix

Doctors initially determined the cause of death to be suffocation from obstructed airways. But at the time of doing the autopsy, they realized that the woman had been dead for more than a day, that her stomach was full of feces and there was no food residue.

The young woman’s body was full of bruises and burns caused by incense. The police began to investigate, and came up with the identity of the victim, a woman named Wu Fengjuan, 29, who was a nurse and the youngest daughter of the Wu family, who worshiped the Nezha, a Taoist protector god.

The whole tragedy began when the family believed to be owned by different entities, but in the end, they determined that the most evil spirit was in Wu Fenhjuan’s body. for what it was subjected to brutal acts Between blows, burns and fed by feces that led to her death.

Ronan in 'Incantation'
Ronan in ‘Incantation’ / Photo: Netflix

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The Living Buddha Sect

in 2019 various media in Taiwan reported the arrest of members of a Chinese sect based in central Taiwan under the name of the Sacred Taoist Association (The China Baiyang Sigui Lingbao Holy Path), founded by a 61-year-old woman who proclaimed herself the “Living Buddha”

After months of investigation after the murder of a young Taiwanese woman, the authorities found this cult of which they arrested five members, including the founder, and rescued 19 people.

The victim was a 20-year-old woman who headed to Guangxi province, southern China, to study some religious precepts. However, after a short time he lost his life under strange circumstances. His family reported that she had been murdered after being tortured by members of the cult.

This sect was founded by Lin Nu, who claimed to be the Living Buddha, recruiting people since 2009. The founder claimed that she had the ability to purify the soul, inviting members to recruit family, growing the group to 100 members between 2 and 80 years old.

At the time of the arrest, the police discovered different artifacts (such as sticks) used to punish those who questioned the beliefs or tried to leave the group (they were tied up, and were forbidden to bathe or eat). They also found uniforms, computers and cash.

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The (alleged) real cases behind ‘Incantation’, the Taiwanese horror movie on Netflix