The 6 most watched movies on Netflix worldwide

The movies that everyone is watching on Netflix.

There are several new productions that have managed to enter the weekly Top 10 of the giant of the streaming. It should be remembered that in the series category they continue to rise in the ranking; but in the area of ​​movies new titles have managed to catch the attention of subscribers of Netflix. We update you on them.

The luckiest girl in the world

Feature film number 1 in the ranking completing its second week on the coveted list. It has passed 57.00 million hours of reproduction since its premiere, on September 30. This story starring Mila Kunis is an adaptation of a book that chronicles the perfect life of a New York writer, which begins to unravel when a true crime documentary forces her to face her terrifying past.

Based on the homonymous best seller, Mila Kunis plays a New York journalist who is about to get married but participates in a documentary that reveals a horrible experience when she was in high school.

The curse of Bridge Hollow

Its official synopsis tells that “an evil ancient spirit makes Halloween decorations come to life and wreaks havoc, a father (Marlon Wayans) and his teenage daughter (Priah Ferguson) have no choice but to work together to save their city ” . This is the number 2 movie in the Top 10 in English, which has 25.12 million hours viewed. This is its first week on the ranking since its launch on October 14. However, on a general level, it is already being recognized as one of the best movies about Halloween.

When an evil ancient spirit brings Halloween decorations to life and wreaks havoc, a father and his teenage daughter have no choice but to work together to save their town.


Police action and adventure film that recounts that, after waking up in a hospital in Mexico without knowing how he got there, a man discovers that he is being persecuted by a dangerous cartel; so he must find the truth as soon as possible, before they end his life. Josh Duhamel (Under the same roof, A secret place) stars in this film. The film is currently third in the streaming giant’s ranking, with 21.09 million hours watched worldwide; this being his first week among the most popular.

"Amnesic" It arrived on October 12 on Netflix. (Netflix)
“Amnesiac” arrived on Netflix on October 12. (Netflix)

rental wife

Brazilian romantic comedy that is captivating the world. It is currently the most popular non-English speaking feature film on the streaming giant with 27.38 million hours viewed. This story reminds us that we are all in search of love, except for a boy named Luiz, who seems to be the only human being who runs away from him. However, life doesn’t always go the way we want, so a charismatic woman named Lina gets in his way to fight it.

"rental wife" arrived at the streaming giant the second week of October 2022. (Netflix)
“Wife for Rent” arrived at the streaming giant the second week of October 2022. (Netflix)

The elders

A woman returns to her hometown with her two children to attend her sister’s wedding, but the celebration is interrupted by bloodthirsty old men. German horror film that occupies the second position in the category, with 13.48 million hours in reproduction.

"Seniors" premiered on October 7, 2022 on Netflix. (Netflix)
“Ancients” premiered on October 7, 2022 on Netflix. (Netflix)


A car grooming man must protect his turf when dealers try to force him and his friends to sell drugs on the streets. This drama ranks third in the Top 10 with 6.79 million hours viewed, having hit the platform on October 5. This is just his first week on the list.

Small-time narcos are taking over the streets of Montevideo and extorting car attendants to work for them. But one, Togo, will resist until the last consequences.


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The 6 most watched movies on Netflix worldwide