The 6 DC Comics movies that James Gunn is preparing

In what dc comics movies Is James Gunn working? The filmmaker is already preparing what will happen in the future of the DCU and in the cinema.

many fans what are the DC Comics movies that James Gunn is preparing. While the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Peter Safran are scrambling to draw back the curtain on their new vision of DC Studios and the DCU, there are a lot of predictions floating around. The new co-CEOs of the super-powerful chain of Warner Bros. Discovery They have taken over the reins of the previous management. And they’ve made sweeping changes in the short time they’ve been on the job.

These are the 6 DC Comics movies that James Gunn is preparing!

Superman reboot with James Gunn

James Gunn's Superman
Warner Bros. Discovery

The most obvious project fans will hear about when the fog clears on Gunn and Safran’s DC Comics slate is the already announced new Superman movie. As the franchise moves away from Henry Cavill, the James Gunn-penned DCU epic is the only officially announced title from this new era of the franchise.

The movie is said to center on a Clark Kent/Superman younger, following the character in his early days as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Not much else is known about the title. However, James Gunn has stated his fondness for DC Comics villain Lobo, and it has been hinted that Aquaman star Jason Momoa could play the big bad. So that could be a clue as to where this Superman movie could go, at least from the antagonist’s point of view.

The Wonder Woman reboot

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros. Discovery

With all of Gal Gadot’s work as the DC Comics hero done, with no more cameos planned in the remaining DCU films, a new Wonder Woman movie feels like a very safe announcement for the new DC Studios to make. As a key part of the Justice League trinity, the reintroduction of this character feels essential.

Following Gadot’s departure from the role, it was rumored that James Gunn and Safran would be holding off another Wonder Woman movie for quite some time; however, Gunn squashed these rumors by personally “debunking” them from his personal Twitter account.

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps

The HBO Max series, focused on Green Lantern, which has been in the making for some time, it looks like it could show up when the next evolution of DC Comics is announced. James Gunn has insisted that reports that the project has been canceled as part of the changing of the guard are “false” and “not [buenas primicias]”, and the title’s producer, Andy Behbakht, recently told fans that it is “still in development”.

With a DC Comics reboot seemingly in the offing, Green Lantern looks like a critical piece that was missing from the DCU’s latest round of stories. With the series already underway, it would make sense for it to be redesigned (potentially with a bigger budget) for this new universe of superpowers. Of course, with plans for this new DCU to include movies, TV, animation, and video games, this would see the intergalactic hero move from his streaming series to future movies and TV shows as well. It looks like James Gunn has big things planned.

A mysterious DC Comics project

DC Comics
DC Studios

As has been made clear, the new DC Comics universe will be a crossmedia effort. So a single TV show feels like it would be a bit light when these early announcements take place. Therefore, a second HBO Max streaming project would make a lot of sense in this first batch of titles. A new James Gunn series, like Peacemaker?

There are a couple of potential names that spring to mind for a project like this. If James Gunn and Safran’s new take on this world is a soft reset instead of a hard reset, this could be the place where the reported Amanda Waller series would fit. Another name that might fit (and could be the “unannounced DC TV series” James Gunn is currently working on) is a potential live-action Harley Quinn series. Gunn has shown an affinity for the Suicide Squad character and could be the perfect venue for Margot Robbie’s return to DC Comics.

A Martian Manhunter movie with James Gunn

Martian Manhunter with James Gunn
comics cartoon

The next major Justice League character to never appear in DC Comics (despite being hinted at and appearing in Zack Snyder’s Justice League) is Martian Manhunter. The iconic superhero seems poised to have a major presence on the big screen, perhaps rounding out the initial Justice League roster when the team-up movie is made. Will James Gunn do it?

A Martian Manhunter movie is the perfect gateway into the galactic vertical of the DC Comics universe, fitting James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy role by introducing audiences to the DCU beyond Earth. The hero could also be perfect for crossing paths with the likes of Green Lantern and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, or even with the New Gods to sow the seeds of Darkseid.

The DC Comics crossover movie

DC Comics Crossover
Warner Bros. Discovery

The natural climax to this first round of James Gunn announcements would be a team-up movie of some kind. Although it seems early for a full Justice League reboot, something titled World’s Finest could serve as a solid takeoverfocusing on the early days of the iconic DC Comics team.

Doing a smaller-scale story like this could set the stage for an eventual Justice League, with characters like a new Flash and Aquaman once Ezra Miller and Jason Mamoa’s time as characters comes to an end. Plus, with Superman and Wonder Woman already on the board, an epic conclusion to the first phase like this would be an ideal place to introduce the DC Comics version of Batman. A character James Gunn promised will be “a big part” of the franchise’s future.

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The 6 DC Comics movies that James Gunn is preparing