The 3 Most Viewed Netflix Movies in the Last Week (Dec 13-19)

There are only 11 days until the 2021 end and start a new year full of premieres more than promising. But we must not forget that in recent weeks they have also launched very interesting content Those who are worth giving a try on streaming platforms. Or at least that is how a good part of the users of Netflix that quickly added them to the main ranking of the week. Look what the ribbons more views from December 13 to 19!

To the surprise of a few, this time he moves away from the podium Red alert, which remains in fourth place after consecutive weeks among the first places. Little by little, the furor of the feature film starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds y Gal Gadot begins to decline, thus giving way to new releases that users notably approved.

+ The 3 Most Viewed Netflix Movies in the Last Week

3. A California Christmas: City Lights

Like every year, the contents that revolve around the Christmas theme know how to position themselves above the rest. And it is that the time deserves to enjoy this type of content. This time the turn is A California Christmas: City Lights, starring Lauren y Josh Swickard y Ali Afshar. Just one year after their romance began, Callie and Joseph leave the ranch they live on to tend to family matters in San Francisco.

2. Animalia in Australia

An animated film for the whole family, it occupies the second position in the ranking of the most watched on Netflix around the world. Its titled Animalia in Australia, It is directed by Clare Knight y Harry Cripps and features wildly misunderstood creatures who, although they may look dangerous, are most caring. All of them will leave captivity in a quest to find a safe home.

1. Unforgivable

A movie icon leads the Top 3 for the week of December 13-19. Is about Unforgivable, starring Sandra Bullock and accompanied by Vincent D’Onofrio y Viola Davis. The Netflix drama directed by Nora Fingscheidt shows a woman who is released from jail in a society that is unwilling to forgive her past. In the midst of his harsh reality, he must search for the younger sister he had to abandon.

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The 3 Most Viewed Netflix Movies in the Last Week (Dec 13-19)