The 15 best superhero movies of all time

Superhero cinema has been the highlight of the last decade when it comes to celluloid consumed in common theaters, fleeing from the platforms (although these are having a supine importance right now considering that they are the expansion route of those Marvel and DC universes) and making the stalls enjoy popcorn shows without much more pretensions than entertaining. Although, everything is said, films are also appearing within the genre that can even be considered author’s for what they seek to convey and, most importantly, how, without going through the prefabricated filter of many blockbusters current.

There are so many superhero movies that even It is crazy to venture to make such a tight top, of only 15 feature films, with the most outstanding. It is an exercise of great effort that requires sacrifices, but here we are, to bring out what have been, in our opinion, those superhero films that have managed to surpass the rest. We recommend you, first of all, take a look at:

15. Darkman (1990)

  • Duration: 96 min.
  • Director: Sam Raimi

Director of Evil Dead and deliveries of Spider-Man by Tobey Maguire, made in the nineties a feature film starring Liam Neeson that has been somewhat buried over the years, but certainly deserves to be recognized. Here Raimi united all the monsters of the Hammer Films under one roof., in a story of revenge that serves as a perfect study of how that DNA of the original classic monsters remains intact and can be permeated with tons of ideas and projects and function in the same way.

14. Deadpool (2016)

  • Duration: 106 min.
  • Director: Tim Miller

Who was going to say that Ryan Reynolds, by presenting feature films as disappointed as Green Lantern, would be able to give a new approach to modern superhero cinema and be able to create an outrageous comedy, with plenty of blood and gore, without giving up structure and classic model of superhero products. Deadpool is probably the most hooligan (and current) genre film you can find.

13. Los increbles (2004)

The incre
  • Duration: 115 min.
  • Director: Brad Bird

Pixar hitting the mark, as always. At the beginning of the 21st century, and without the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the audiovisual landscape, the study created a funny family that must make life as it can to hide their superpowers and live with the rest of normal people, since the “supers” are no longer seen with good eyes (something very similar to Capitn Amrica: Civil War). But little by little, that bad name is being cleaned up. An adventure of those to spend as a family.

12. X-Men 2 (2003)

X-Men 2
  • Duration: 125 min.
  • Director: Bryan Singer

Although X-Men: Days of Future Past It also deserves to be on this list, the truth is that the direct sequel to the original work is above that film in which the mutants are seen against the ropes in several aspects. The arcs of each character are developed in a much more compact way and the action sequences are combined wonderfully with the exploration and introduction of new parameters.. Singer signed here possibly his best film.

11. Logan (2017)

  • Duration: 135 min.
  • Director: James Mangold

If you’ve never cried to a superhero movie, then look at Logan, you’ll see what happens. Mangold was the best director to carry out this feature film that navigates between the western and that more mature superhero cinema. Logan is the best farewell Hugh Jackman could have as Wolverine, away from everything he had done in the past and with a new tone as a character: more brutal, tougher and with a lot less patience. A film that gradually penetrates the viewer showing how the X-Men character is no longer what he was, with his world slowly fading away.

10. Joker (2019)

  • Duration: 121 min.
  • Director: Todd Phillips

After The Dark Knight, and seeing the failure of Jared Leto as the Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, no one had much confidence in the Phillips film. And it is that the bar was very high with the interpretation that Heath Ledger made of the character. Nevertheless, Joaquin Phoenix proved that he is an actor of ten and gave a very different Joker from what he had seen up to that moment.: more human, more “down to earth” and without superheroes involved, moving the shadow of the character hand in hand with mental illness and how society rejects those who have one.

9. Spider-Man: A New Universe (2018)


  • Duration: 117 min.
  • Directors: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey y Rodney Rothman

Considered since its premiere as the best Spider-Man movie of all time by many users. This feature film directed to three bands, just like Endgame, brings together a conglomerate of network launchers and presents Miles Morales as the absolute protagonist. A film without too many complications, leaving aside the issue of dimensions and worlds that connect, with a comic-cut animation that feels like a marvel.

8. Batman (1989)

  • Duration: 121 min.
  • Director: Tim Burton

Tim Burton with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, little more can be said because we have already said it all. The Batman of the eighties starring the current Vulture of the UCM was at the time one of the best letters of introduction for the Gotham bat to the general public. Funny, gothic and with a respect for the original comics that is appreciated.

7. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

The Justice League
  • Duration: 242 min.
  • Director: Zack Snyder

After much pleading and pleading, Snyder finally had his Justice League montage, just as he would have imagined it. And thank goodness he had the opportunity to show his version, because this Justice League has nothing to do with Wheedon’s. Much darker, more deliberate, with time to pause in the moments of action and make each gesture exalted. Snyder’s most important work as a superhero film director.

6. Watchmen (2009)

  • Duration: 163 min.
  • Director: Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder received strong criticism for his adaptation of Watchmen at the time, and it is that adapting the great Alan Moore is a titanic job. However, no matter who it weighs, the 2009 feature film is quite round and established quite a few bases of what would later become the DC universe and even served for Marvel to choose to have a completely opposite direction. Snyder plunges into his superhero products and Watchmen, even being a blockbuster, it is a very author’s product.

5. Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man

  • Duration: 126 min.
  • Director: Jon Favreau

The beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jon Favreuau established the foundations on which the Marvel Studios universe would move on celluloid, being he who orchestrated, in a way, the guidelines to follow for future feature films. Robert Downey Jr. began his path to fame here, too.

4. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War
  • Duration: 156 min.
  • Director: Anthony Russo y Joe Russo

Avengers: Endgame It was a great resolution, but the impact it had Infinity War about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unparalleled. The Russos finally showed a villain who could really take down our favorite superheroes with just one click, and literally. The movie that I united the entire MCU under the same roof with great success, allowing all the characters to have their own space without stepping on each other. The Guardians, Spider-Man, the Avengers, Black Panther … A visual spectacle.

3. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Spider-Man 2
  • Duration: 127 min.
  • Director: Sam Raimi

For us, the best movie of the web launcher. Raimi came up with the magic formula by combining all of Peter Parker’s suits very correctly: his inner dramas, the revelation of his identity, his romance with MJ, the evolution with his family … Tobey Maguire’s sequel reached the top of the game. superhero cinema.

2. Superman (1978)


  • Duration: 143 min.
  • Director: Richard Donner

Thanks to Richard Donner, superhero cinema never looked the same again. Christopher Reeve’s Superman established the way in which these comic characters could be approached, in a “more serious” way, showing real problems and without neglecting action or spectacularity.

1. The Dark Knight (2008)

The dark knight
  • Duration: 152 min.
  • Director: Christopher Nolan

Without a doubt, the best superhero movie of all time. A sample of how these same walk on the fine line of good and evil, always one step away from becoming villains. A bad day, as good old Joker could say. Nolan made his best film to date. Action, suspense, crime movies, drama … The Dark Knight is a true masterpiece.

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The 15 best superhero movies of all time