The 13 best film comedies of 2021

In the end there was not a good year for laughter. The Covid continued to campaign and changing at ease and our life has not changed since the disastrous year before, but we will not deny that thanks to comedy We have had moments to relax and forget this huge shit that we are in.

Another shitty year, but at least there’s laughs

Comedy is true health, and from here I would like to recall the films that have made me laugh and enjoy the most from a comic point of view. Emotional at times, beast at others, comedy has always saved our lives. And I would dare to say that now more than ever.

I am not going to extend myself any further and I am going to begin this annual review of comedies released in commercial theaters or platforms throughout this year including a luxury guest who is not exactly a comedy to use, not a feature film. Not a humor show either. Well, come on, I’m getting lost. God save the comedy.

A bad trip (Bad trip)

Bad Trip

In mid-February 2021 the laugh was very expensive, so the experimental madness between ‘Borat‘ Y ‘Jackass‘ from Eric André, a comedy that curls the curl of the narrative through hidden camera, it was a gift from the gods.
André enjoys humiliating himself and we with him, showing that what Summers said is still more or less current. A hidden romantic comedy and a necessary relief. A guy who has consulted between Robert McKee seminars and consulting Jeff Tremaine or Nathan Fielder for a movie like I always want him on my team.

‘A bad trip’ is available at Netflix.

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Jinetes de la justicia (Riders of Justice)

Riders of Justice

I have long suspected that Anders Thomas Jensen had it all to become one of my favorite filmmakers. That he did it through his mature work and that this is also a tacky thriller only makes me that much happier. I can’t believe that the best actors in the world are all Danish. TO Mads Mikkelsen You all know him by now, but the performance is by the trio made up of Lars Brygmann, Nicolas Bro and Nikolaj Lie Kaas. Your new favorite Christmas movie.

‘Jinetes de la Justicia’ is available at Movistar and on demand at of the movie, Google, Apple, Rakuten y Amazon.

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A little setback (Long Story Short)

Long Story Short

In 2013 came ‘A matter of time‘, a Richard Curtis movie that struck a chord with much of the world but left me cold despite the suffocating lumps it inevitably caused in my throat.
Well, my revenge has been consummated with the immense ‘A little mishap‘. How happy this one has made me relato matrimonial dickensiano with a MONUMENTAL Rafe Spall and a really mind-blowing sense of rhythm from the very first sequence. Magic.

‘A small setback’ is available at Movistar and on demand at of the movie, Google, Apple y Rakuten.

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Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar (Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar)

Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar

Another film that we urgently needed, as well as being the one that has convinced us that Jamie Dornan he definitely deserves all our respect. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo stew and eat the show from its prodigious script and the enormous comic vitality of the proposal. Be careful, the musical number of the year is not in ‘Annette‘nor in’West Side Story‘.

‘Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar’ is available at Rakuten, Amazon Prime, Youtube Movies, Google Play Movies, and iTunes.

Clear history (Effacer l’historique)

clear history

A hilarious exercise in 16mm on the absurd virtual world that surrounds us and that it is not far from the real, the tangible. A film about the importance of saying good morning and chasing your dreams. But bad. There is a minimum of three fat laugh gags. You know that about “the highest grossing comedy of the year in France”? Well this time it would be fully justified.

‘Clear history’ is available in Movistar y Rakuten.

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The good boss

The Good Patron

If 25 years ago you told me that I am going to start laughing with a COMEDY of Fernando Leon de Aranoa, as much as in its beginnings it was at the service of Tuesday and thirteen, I set you on fire. But it is like this. Some good stone kicked the temporary traveler so that the director of ‘Barrio’ present the most hurtful and round comedy of the year national. Aranoa arrives at the least expected place combining all the elements of his filmography, something really stratospheric. Great play.

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Psycho Goreman

Psycho Gore Man

Steven Kostanski flies free solo with one of the best films of this year, of the previous year and of any other year. PG is a celebration of the fantastic rich in ideas, full of practical effects (also bungling post-effects, which we forgive because they don’t look too bad here), it has a cast dedicated to the cause and two (TWO) mind-blowing children. Since the days of Black & Dekker we have not seen something so grateful, vital, badass and full of love by gender.
Much more than “him”Turbo Kid‘of 2020. “It is the joy of the saddest year.

‘Psycho Goreman’ is available at Movistar.

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This body feels like death to me (Freaky)

This body of death feels

This body feels like death to me‘feels like a 1986 movie on its own merits. By heart. By rhythm and by characters. It is a Halloween party that, curiously, leaves the legacy of Laurie Strode in a very bad place in the also now saga Blumhouse. And not only because it has more and better deaths, it is that the three pieces of the protagonist’s family support it. And how funny all the actors and characters. Landon demonstrates a pulse like no other in the moments that make your chest throb with excitement (poignant scene in the fitting rooms) and in those of burst out loudLike every time Vaughn is in the back of a car.

‘This body feels like death’ is available at Movistar and on demand at Filmin, Google, Apple, Rakuten and Amazon.

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Beyond the two infinite minutes (Droste no hate de bokura)

Beyond the two infinite minutes

If he does nothing, the zombie cinema was revitalized with the sympathetic ‘One Cut of the Dead‘, now it is time for temporary traffic jams. This infinite paradoxical delay is another sample of the brilliant and simple which can sometimes be the fantasy genre. And the brief, huh.

‘Beyond the two infinite minutes’ is available at Movistar and on demand in of the movie, Google, Apple y Rakuten.

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Mandíbulas (Mandibles)


More in the vein of the sympathetic ‘Under arrest‘, with which he began to offer much more accessible works without losing the usual idiocy of his characters and situations,’ Jaws’ is another short and voracious fresco on the value of friendship and the weight of stupidity. The couple formed by Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais is infallible (not in vain they have been working together for more than ten years) and Adèle Exarchopoulos curls the curl of a story where the least of it is the disgusting giant fly that triggers the action.

‘Mandíublas’ is available at Movistar and on demand at Filmin, Google, Apple, Rakuten y Amazon.

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The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad

The suicide squad is the umpteenth confirmation that James Gunn is raw talent and raw talent. A genius capable of freezing our smile only to make the next laugh even bigger. A madman who builds a blockbuster through coups, assassinations and genocides. An author capable of crushing a city with the most unexpected creature of all and presenting the definitive anti-Marvel film just before changing the sidewalk again.

Suicide Squad is available on demand from Google, Apple, Rakuten, and Amazon Prime.

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Six running days

Six Running Days

How fun and close these six ordinary days feel.
A work week where anything can happen, cooked from a documentary prism and with non-professional actors who deserve the contract of a lifetime. It was time to have a new wave in currelas cinema where respect and naturalness provoke more laughter what tragedies.

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Who am I to try to get into the most brutal honesty I’ve ever seen in fiction? ‘Bo Burnham: Inside’ is the reflection of a paranoid and unstable year. Laugh and it hurts. It hurts to laugh. The artist (comedian falls short) tries to heal the world from humor by constantly reinventing himself while limiting himself to get the misery out of his head and trying to relocate the line that marks the limits of humor. The breakdown of mental health is very present in this immaculate special about a man who turns 30 in absolute loneliness while the world is ending.

Every phobia, every panic attack, becomes the best song you’ve heard recently, and the level doesn’t drop in the almost 90 minutes that the show lasts. From Inside, the opening song, to the last bars of Any Day Now, Burnham, the round trip is such that it almost looks like a spin. That journey, always hand in hand, will end in a place where there is room for hope. A place to always return to. Do you see what good?

‘Bo Burnham: Inside’ is available at Netflix.

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The 13 best film comedies of 2021