The 10 best podcasts in Spanish about music and entertainment

Podcasts are not exactly new, but we must say that constantly evolve. As media and entertainment platforms, they have tremendous versatility that allows content creators to talk basically about whatever they fancy. And there is his wealth; what inspires people to get creative and take the mic as they please.

In that sense, for example, these formats have become a phenomenal alternative for those who enjoy music. In the vastness of the internet, it is easy to find a lot of interesting programs where you will find new rolitas, interesting anecdotes of all kinds of artists, trends, news, curious facts and all those things that a red bone music lover needs.

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Now, if you do not see where to enter this content, you have reached the correct article. It’s never too late to find out about new platforms, so below We will show you 10 unmissable music podcasts (and other things of entertainment in general) to entertain you while you put hard to do housework…. ohquelaaa.

Tutti Frutti

For music lovers and music lovers: here you will find the best stories, anecdotes, recommendations, interviews, and above all, a wide range of music worth talking about. What’s up with Daft Punk’s legacy? What’s behind the story of Fobia? What was the success of ‘Is This It’ by The Strokes? Why is it said that 1971 was a year Determining for the music? What did Butch Vig tell us about Garbage’s new album? And endless interviews, and stories from your favorite bands and musicians.

This podcast understands that this passion for music keeps you searching for new songs to add to your playlists. For this reason, Sopitas is given the task of compiling the best premieres week by week so that you listen to them and choose those rolitas with which you will renew your playlists.

Tutti Frutti New music podcast by Sopitas

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Of course, we cannot forget the classics. So here in Tutti Frutti they also dive into the past with Tutti Frutti Vintage, to remember the best of the music of decades past. But the thing does not stop there … they will also keep you informed about everything that happens in the national and international music industry, trends in the world of entertainment, and much more.

A new episode comes out every Monday on the platform of your choice Over here (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast). Check out one of their recent episodes below where they review Make songs, a fascinating text that the dear Julieta Venegas recently published where he analyzes contemporary musical creation and composition.

Doing Industry

The music industry it’s an infinite universe worth exploring and that is more striking than it seems. If you are a dive in the field and want to know it in detail, then you must follow Doing Industry, the podcast they lead Ahmed Bautista (from Mercadorama) and Joaquín “Wakks” Pavia (the mere founder of the Catrina Festival and one of the most recognized managers of the Mexican music scene).

The great thing about its content is that in each chapter, you will find a special guest that can be from a musician to a photographer, an illustrator, a representative or whatever you ask and send. Each one, of course, contributes their experience by telling anecdotes about their career, enriching the audience. with everything that goes into promoting a musical career.

Take a look at its content IN THIS LINK so you can listen to them from your preferred platform. And hold on, they will launch the second part of their third season very soon.

Zona Pop the CNN

If in addition to music, it beats you to find out about the best releases in terms of movies and series, then you should join Javier Merino and Marysabel Huston in Zona Pop, on the CNN signal. This space unites the renowned communicator from Mexico City and the Venezuelan journalist from Atlanta in a very entertaining and fun talk that will make you feel confident.

Both Javier and Marysabel will bring you the best premieres in the entertainment industry and through their entertaining talk, they will convince you to see that movie or that show that is still you don’t dare to give it a try. Their content is complemented with great interviews in which they can have from the most renowned pop artists to promising musicians. A rich variety of content for all tastes.

music for cats

At this moment is when that famous Disney phrase that says “Everyone wants to be a Jazz Cat now”… From Spain to the rest of the world, comes music for cats, a podcast made for lovers of red bone that is this complex and delicious musical genre that is jazz.

And well, actually, this space is not limited only to that musical style … Here you can hear little rolls of other styles such as jazz, funk, soul, blues, samba, bossanova, rhythm & blues, latín jazz and much – very much – more. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a strain connoisseur or you’re just getting started with the most intense jazzy textures; here you will find anecdotes of the most legendary and long-lived idols of this music.

Get on the roof (as the creatives call their sweetheart podcast) and enjoy a good chat accompanied by great melodies.

El podcast de Now Girls Rule

The alternative Mexican scene has in Elis Paprika to one of its most emblematic exponents. However, beyond her work as an artist, the Jalisco composer has also done enormous work as an activist by offering a place for female talents that need diffusion. This is how the movement was born in 2014 Now Girls Rule, which little by little has gained followers in various spaces.

Out there in the fall of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic and knowing that good musical content had to be offered to cope with the quarantine, he gave life to the Podcast de Now Girls Rule, where he continued to present new proposals from the independent music industry.

HERE You can check the chapters that have been released so far and if you wanted more, now you can also find Elis Paprika driving El Show de Now Girls Rule and Vans Channel 66.

Talk to Him

One of the things we like the most about podcasts, as we said at the beginning, is that anyone can get creative and deliver engaging content. So, we present our second Spanish podcast on the list: Talk to Him.

From his rooftop, Him – the stage name he coined Raúl Del Olmo– gives us a series of episodes where music is the central theme of the talk. His episodes (which you can find on the iVoox portal) are known by the already established section Sound Telegram, where it shows an interesting variety of musical news for you to expand your playlists.

And also, you are a fan of music lists of all kinds, he has several with all kinds of themes with which you will surely have a good time.

‘Idols’ via Podium Podcast

As much fanatics as we are of an artistic, there is always a new piece of information out there to learn. And what better than to learn it through a pleasant talk like the one they offer us in Podium Podcast through its section ‘Idols’.

Here you will find a variety of stories with information – fun facts and anecdotes you may not have known – about the greatest legends of music. Episodes are 20 minutes long and his story is so fluid that you get stung and wanting more.

And if you already know the history of your favorite artists, you can take a tour of all the Podium Podcast programming, where you will feel something like ‘a sound magazine of varieties’.

The Shelf

We let go of the musical podcasts a bit and open a space for The Shelf, a program for those die-hard reading lovers. The mexican writer Roberto Wong, recognized by the novel Paris DF, share your knowledge and offer us an exquisite compilation of must-read readings that you will enjoy.

Its content is very varied and, for example, if there is an event about a writer, Roberto analyzes his work, reviews his work and more. And that’s just a little bit of what you’ll find in their episode catalog. We leave you one below and Over here you find all.

Sound Sofa

If it’s about telling musical stories with good vibes and depth, the Spanish podcast Sound Sofa –Original content from Cadena Ser– is painted alone. The great thing about his deliveries is that the anecdotes that are told are not just curious facts for fans or music lovers … No, sir.

Over here, the presenter Alfonso Cardenal sits down with several experts and they break down specific moments and specific events that defined an artist or band. We recommend the chapter dedicated to Blur that they released recently. You will enjoy it quite a bit. FROM HERE you can download the episodes or listen to them on the platform of your choice.

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Years can pass, generations go and others will come, but still, The Beatles will continue to be one of the greatest bands of all time. In fact, his songs are not the only attraction in his legacy … Every good fan knows that “The Liverpool Quartet” has a lot of hidden anecdotes or ‘forgotten’ out there.

For this reason, the good José Antonio Martínez (the @negonioo for the friends) brings us a compilation with the stories that you did not know about Lennon, McCartney, Starr y Harrison. Around here, we tell you for sure, you will find that anecdotal fact that you needed to put together your mental puzzle about the most important band in the history of England.

What Spanish music podcast did we miss? Leave your recommendations below that we will 100% listen to them.