THAT Doctor Strange 2 cameo could have been a lot different had it not been for Covid-19

Although it might seem difficult, in just five months since it was released Spider-Man: No Way HomeMarvel has managed to pull off another movie with more cameos and more madness caused by parallel universes. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness brings back familiar faces but also introduces new characters that might not have been.

[SPOILERS de Doctor Strange en el Multiverso de la locura] Precisely one of the cameos that most surprised the fans who have already gone to the movies to see the new sam raimioriginally it was not going to be like that, because as the journalist has revealed Justin KrollDaniel Craig was originally thought to play Mr. Fantastic and not John Krasinski.



“Curiosity, Krasinski was not the first choice, the actor who was going to play the character was more than ready to start shootingbut the rapid rise in Covid cases made him back off as he lives in London and felt a quick shoot wasn’t important enough to risk bringing Covid into his family.”

The journalist explained next to a photo of Daniel Craig as James Bond, the role he said goodbye to in 2021 with the film no time to die. Precisely Kroll reveals this information in response to a tweet confirming that the Illuminati scene in Doctor Strange had been shot “in parts” since the actors did not coincide with each other.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

A problem of both the agenda and the pandemic, as we remember that the film directed by Sam Raimi was shot during some of the worst moments of the first waves of infections caused by the coronavirus. Waiting for someone from Marvel to confirm 100% Kroll’s information, it is surprising that Krasinski was the second choice to play Mr. Fantastic.

Above all, considering that the actor of office has always been the first choice of fans to bring Reed Richards to life and even, many MCU fans took his appearance in Doctor Strange 2 as a nod made to them by the studio itself, which is currently developing a Fantastic Four movie.

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THAT Doctor Strange 2 cameo could have been a lot different had it not been for Covid-19