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Superheroes were practically created to be a role model for children and, of course, to sell everything possible related to them. With comics, cartoons and animated series, these characters accompanied the little ones everywhere and became part of their game. While the number of adult consumers of these products was in a small number compared to minors, and most of these were collectors.

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In around two decades, the popularity of characters with extraordinary abilities was enhanced by their stay in the cinema. His presence on the big screen was nothing new, however, around 2010 these types of films began to be released much more continuously, creating huge cinematic universes that had not been seen before. What became even more striking was the number of movies that began to be released per year.

If we think of Spider Man – 89% either X Men – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos81%, we will remember that it was only possible to see one of these a year and you would have to wait almost three years or more for a sequel. With the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the arrival of the DC Extended Universe, things changed. This became one of the biggest sources of income for the film industry, but it is well said that what goes up tends to come down.

This year the public’s interest in this type of film has decreased significantly, and this has been evidenced by the worldwide box office. It is true that the Marvel and DC films continue to have enviable collections, but compared to previous years, things have not looked good at all and they have not even managed to stay in first place at the box office for more than three weeks.

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In a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult (via CBR) last month to 2,200 people, it has been shown that 59% of viewers still enjoy superhero movies, however, in November 2021 there were 64% who said they were satisfied. As expected, the number of people who no longer enjoy these tapes rose from 36% to 41%, and it is the same platform that rectifies that since 2018 the number of dissatisfied people has increased nine points.

It is true that for years the fact of continually releasing movies was quite functional, but now there has been talk of a supposed superhero fatigue. The movies before Spider-Man: No Way Home – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos92% they had to face the pandemic, while the later ones seem to have as their main problem that the public has not yet finished assimilating the tape of jon wattswhich was so epic that it has been difficult for the other productions to overcome it.

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Morning Consult He pointed out that, in the particular case of the MCU, people have already been tired, something that was registered in a third of the people surveyed. What has drawn attention is that now more adults have entered these movies, with Generation Z admitting that they will continue to watch movies in the cinema (53% of those surveyed), while millennials have lost interest. It should be noted that at this time DC is facing internal problems and cancellations, while Marvel has already risked preparing at least six films for 2025.

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Superhero movies are losing popularity according to new survey | tomatoes