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As strange as it sounds, the main source of the rumors and leaks that we have seen of the film of Super Mario Bros. It’s McDonald’s. In addition to the Peach design, a new image shows us a line of toys that will arrive in the Happy Meals. The most interesting, is that new details about this tape are revealed here.

Although at the moment there is no official information, a new leak shows us eight figures that would arrive at the McDonald’s Happy Meal to coincide with the premiere of Super Mario Bros. Considering that this film will not be released until next year, there is a possibility that these toys will be available until 2023.


As you could see, these figures have two elements that attract a lot of attention. The first of these are the Go Karts. So far we have not seen any reference to Mario Kart, but it is possible that Super Mario Bros. have a section that honors this spin-off. Similarly, you can see a Lumaso the possibility that Rosalina has a role in this appointment is not ruled out.

At the moment there is no official information from McDonald’s or Universal Studios related to Happy Meal toys, but it wouldn’t be surprising if we see these products available next year. On related topics, Peach’s design for this movie has been leaked. Similarly, These are the best memes that the first trailer of the film left us.


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More than the toys, what draws attention is the appearance of the Luma. Although it would not be unreasonable to think that a second Mario movie is already on the minds of Nintendo and Illumination, the sequel could very well take us to space, and a post-credits scene of Super Mario Bros. Could you introduce us to Rosalina?

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Super Mario Bros. toys leaked | Atomix