‘Strange World’: The next Disney will have the first gay romance in the history of the studio

These days the controversy surrounding LGTBIQ+ representation at Disney has been revived. Lightyear is the new Pixar film, and as has happened with titles like West Side Story, Eternals either Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness its premiere has been canceled in several countries in the Middle East. In case of Lightyear It is striking not so much because of the representation itself (it is a single kiss between two women, one of them the protagonist), but because it takes place months after the crisis due to the law Don’t Say Gaywhich put the media image of the Mouse House on the ropes.

Shortly after several Pixar animators denounced that Disney bosses sabotaged their representation attempts queer In the movies, it transpired that these same bosses financed some of the politicians behind this homophobic law in Florida. Faced with the public relations earthquake, Disney decided to re-include in Lightyear a previously deleted scene, the aforementioned kiss, and in full controversy over what happened in the markets that reject it, the studio has revealed that its next production will go a little further, by giving importance to its argument a open romance gay. It takes place at the Annecy Festival, the top animation event taking place in France.

There it has been presented Strange world, the next Walt Disney Animation title that we had a trailer for a few weeks ago. It is an adventure film inspired by Julio Verne either H. G. Wells which finds three generations of explorers investigating a mysterious planet. The latter’s representative is Ethan Clade (voice of Jaboukie Young White), and it is about a teenager who is madly in love with another boy, Diazo. He is embarrassed to communicate his feelings to her, however, and is further embarrassed by his father Ethan’s attempts (Jake Gyllenhaal) for putting them together, ensuring that your child “He won’t stop talking about him.”

the production designer Matthieu Saghezchi has given the news on Twitter, when the controversy over Lightyear. In the absence of seeing its development in the film, it is a great advance for the study, which until now had been limited to anecdotal winks or characters whose sexual orientation barely occupied space in the plot. In the original voice cast of Strange world we also find Gabrielle Union, Lucy Liu either Dennis Quaid.

Disney has planned its premiere for the November 25when almost exactly one year has passed since his previous hit, Charm.

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‘Strange World’: The next Disney will have the first gay romance in the history of the studio