“Steven Seagal is a sad man, a tragedy”

Maximum alert (1992) put on the map of Hollywood Steven Seagal and made him the heir, or at least candidate, to the throne of action cinema, which was shared mainly by Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks to their particular style of action, very focused on martial arts and on the dislocations of any joint of the body .

However, those who predicted a promising career for the actor, who is now 69, did not see the curves in the road. And is that, Seagal could not or did not know how to chain quality films and was lost in an amalgam of bland and expendable tapes that they gave him a good economic return, but not the glory. Although it has been a long time since Steven Seagal’s career ceased to interest and his media relevance became a consequence of his scandals and eccentricities.

In the first category we can list an avalanche of accusations of sexual harassment, which supposedly range from innuendo or inappropriate attitudes, denounced by Jenny McCarthy, Julianna Margulies, Faviola Danis or Portia de Rossi, to a rape case, which Regina Simons confessed when she was barely of age at a press conference in 2018 .

And as far as eccentricities are concerned, we can highlight, among other things, thattime is russian. In addition, in 2018 Putin granted him a diplomatic position whose nomenclature is as endless as its purpose is absurd: special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry for cultural relations with the United States. Smoke.

Now, someone who knew him very well, Kelly LeBrock (61), who was married for nine years to the controversial actor, regrets the character he has become and believes that the origin of everything is in his childhood. “I feel sorry for the man. I think he is a very sad person and is what I would call a Hollywood tragedy. I think he was bullied as a child, and I suppose that people who have been treated that way in childhood, when they get old feel lost. I wish him all the best, “said LeBrook in a recent statement by Page Six, who has three children with the actor.

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“Steven Seagal is a sad man, a tragedy”