Stephen King: The Writer’s Worst Movie Was Directed By Himself

Stephen King for a bitter moment and a heated argument with the filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in 1980 due to the adaptation that the director made of one of his most recognized novels: “The glow”.

The author’s disappointment was due to the fact that elements related to drug addiction were removed from the film. alcohol who suffered Jack Torrance, father of the protagonist of the film, and that for him marked biographical issues that he sought to place in the work as a common thread.

This led to Writer to distrust people who wanted to take their texts to the big screen, so when they gave him the opportunity to be in charge of all the elements related to a production based on one of his stories, he gladly agreed.

Which Stephen King story was chosen?

Trucks“It was one of the stories he wrote Stephen King before succeeding worldwide in writing with “Carrie“. This work dates from 1973 and has been included in some compilations of short stories by the author.

The story tells of a group of vehicles and electrical devices that comes to life and attacks human beings, due to the influence of a comet that passes near the orbit of the planet Land.

During these events, a group of ordinary people must confront a group of trucks that have them cornered in a station of gasoline.

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Like most of the author’s stories, the terror It is accompanied by unusual objects or situations in the literature of the genre; However, it manages to convey in the text the feeling of fear facing the unknown.

Why is it the worst movie based on your texts?

The adaptation was named “Maximum Overdrive” O “Eight days of terror“in its Spanish version and it was released in 1986. In its home version, it begins with the writer giving a message in which he assures that there has not been a filmmaker who has been able to understand his work to transfer it to the big screen, so He decided that the only one who can do this job is himself.

However, neither the introduction of the Pantera group helps this production, since the main villain or antagonist of the film is a truck with a kind of mask in the shape of his face. Elf verde from “Spider-Man”.

In addition to this, the performances of the characters do not imply that the project was taken seriously, the confrontations with the vehicles look extremely ridiculous.

As if that were not enough, all the actions that were carried out by the protagonists end up having no justification, since on a screen with text it is explained that the crisis could be controlled thanks to the fact that it was possible to destroy a UFO who was close to Earth and would have been responsible for what happened.

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Critics were not satisfied with this film, as it received negative comments. Even on the Rotten Tomatoes page it was given a rating of 17 percent out of 100. It wasn’t all, well Emilio Estevez, protagonist of this film was nominated for worst actor in the Golden Raspberry, awards that reward the most unfortunate of cinema.

Stephen King he was also nominated at this gala for being the worst director that was recorded that year, although he was defeated by the singer Prince, who directed and acted in his own film “Under the cherry moon“So bad is this production that it is not available on any streaming platform.

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