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Marvel Studios is preparing many projects for the future and the truth is that the public has no idea about several of them. One of the ones we do know is Blade, the adventure with the popular vampire hunter who altered the pages of Marvel comics during its best days. Stephen Dorff, actor who played Deacon Frost in the adaptation Blade – 88%, declares that the character is one-dimensional and that Mahershala Ali , the actor chosen for the MCU version, will need a good script and an excellent director to make the film unforgettable.

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Eric Brooks, better known as Blade, is a character adored by millions around the world. Was created by Marv Wolfman Y Gene Colan , and first appeared at # 10 on Dracula’s Tomb published in 1975. The dampiro became famous with comics, however, its fame reached unimaginable levels with the arrival of film adaptations in 1998, 2002 and 2004. Wesley Snipes He became a mass idol and today is considered one of the most deeply rooted superheroes in pop culture. But very soon it will be the turn of another actor to take on the character, this time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stephen Dorff throws out some blunt words about Blade in the MCU during an interview with Zavvi, noting that Blade with Wesley Snipes shine thanks to the vision of its director.

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I have no idea what’s going on with that movie and I don’t think they have hired a director yet. What I will say is that what made Blade so special was the director, Stephen Norrington, and I don’t think any of the sequels were that effective, they didn’t have what he brought to the material. The movie felt ahead of its time in an important way, I think The Matrix set the bar for the kind of comic book movies we see today.

The 47-year-old actor continued to utter words that Marvel Studios executives will surely not like (or take as a challenge).

What those movies had, and that a lot of modern comic book movies miss, is a clear vision of direction: Blade is a one-dimensional character, he pops up, he looks cool, and he kicks butt. Mahershala will be amazing at doing that, but you need strong writing and direction to help elevate that character, and I don’t know what Marvel’s vision is for Blade. I just know that Mahershala is an amazing actor and that he will be great in the role.

The movie of Blade produced by Marvel Studios and starring Mahershala Ali it was announced at Comic-Con a couple of years ago, but it won’t be part of Phase 4 of the MCU. It is surely planned for stage five as well as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3That is, we won’t hear from her for some time. The most interesting thing of all is that with the arrival of Blade we can confirm that vampires exist in the MCU continuity; we hope that the studio will make the best of the possibilities and give us an outstanding show.

The high lords of Marvel Studios continue to prepare the Blade movie in silence. Stage 4 has started and the company has many plans for the future, will we see a big change from the style seen in the first three phases of the MCU? At the moment Black Widow is in theaters and Disney Plus, the tape with which we start the next saga.

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