‘Star Wars’: Matt Smith reveals he had a “transforming” character for the saga in Episode IX but was eliminated

Three years ago, when the media and fans were quite eager for any piece of information on Episode IX from ‘Star Wars‘, it was announced that Matt Smith I would be in the cast. After his applauded stage in ‘Doctor Who‘, the English actor became a stimulating addition to the JJ Abrams project, however, it did not happen in the end. Now the actor has wanted to shed some light on this mysterious anecdote.

“A great twist in history”

During an interview for Happy Sad Confused, Smith confirmed that he was offered a role in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‘. And it wasn’t just anybody, it was an important character that qualifies as “transformative” for the history of the franchise. However, despite that relevance, or perhaps precisely because of that, the character was removed from the script.

Matt Smith does not respond to rumors about the identity of the character (hopefully one day they will allow him to tell) and confesses that his involvement in the project really did not go beyond a couple of conversations about the role that he was offered. This is how he tells it:

“I was close to joining and then it never happened. I think what they were thinking for me, at some point it became stale and they didn’t need it, so I never got to be in Star Wars.

“[Sobre el papel] There’s no way I can tell … but it was a really cool thing, it was a really cool character and concept. It was something big, a great story detail, something transformative, and it never happened.

I mean, it was like a huge twist in franchise history. There wasn’t a costume fit but there were a couple of meetings to talk about it. Maybe I can come back, you never know. “

Let us remember that soon we will be able to see Matt Smith in Spanish movie theaters with ‘Last night in Soho‘, the new work of Edgar Wright, and stars in one of the most powerful series of 2022: ‘The house of the dragon‘, the highly anticipated prequel to’Game of Thrones‘.

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‘Star Wars’: Matt Smith reveals he had a “transforming” character for the saga in Episode IX but was eliminated