Spiral: The Game of Fear Continues Makes Saw Franchise Raise $ 1 Billion Worldwide | Tomatazos

Gore cinema has established its place in the film industry, and each film that appears, despite having tons of blood and butchered bodies in common with all the others, each has found its essence. It is important to recognize that, although it is not the favorite genre of critics, the horror subgenre has kept its fans on the edge of their seats ready to receive more and more.

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One of the most popular franchises in this gory movie world is the one that started with a nearly nine minute short film created by James wan in 2003, who a year later had the opportunity to turn his story into a successful feature film called Saw: The Macabre Game – 48%. If something has identified this franchise, it is the images of torture through strange games directed by a well-developed murderer with a touch of mystery.

When it seemed that the franchise had come to an end, the eighth installment arrived in 2017, after a ten-year break after the premiere of Saw 3D (the seventh installment). This new film carried by name Jigsaw: The Game Continues – 33%, where the public had the opportunity to get to know the villain more closely. Meanwhile, after the character’s death, Spiral: The fear game continues – 55% proposes the existence of a dangerous copycat.

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The ninth film in the franchise featured the popular faces of Samuel L. Jackson Y Chris rock, who also contributed to the script. This film has positioned itself as the most watched film in the United States so far, raising USD $ 8,725,000 in its last opening weekend (via Box Office Mojo). This has been significant for the entire franchise in general since in sum it has already reached one billion dollars worldwide, counting the box office of each of its nine films.

This overall count is shared by Lionsgate (via ComingSoon), and according to their numbers, the exact collection until this weekend is USD $ 1,000,799,533. So far this weekend, its second weekend, it has generated USD $ 4.5 million in the United States, while worldwide this weekend it has raised an additional USD $ 2.67 million. It should be noted that these numbers are from a totally different box office than in previous years due to the pandemic.

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As is known, summer vacations are essential for the premieres of major productions, and this year will be surrounded by horror films, because in addition to the recent arrival of Spiral, the next premiere of A Quiet Place Part II – 85% Y The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, which also has at the head James wan as a producer of the entire franchise, counting sequels and spin-offs.

The franchise of The spell – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos86% He has also exceeded his own expectations when it comes to total box office collection of all his films, because with the premiere of his next installment starring once again by Vera farmiga, could (and sure will) exceed two billion dollars. Meanwhile, Lionsgate has ensured that the universe of Saw – 48% it is still in force, so they are surely preparing many more films, not forgetting the television series.