Spider-Man’s worst villain! It’s not the Green Goblin or Doc Ock

Let’s review a bit: the villains of Spider-Man They are among the most interesting characters in the world of cartoons and were very well adapted to the cinema. Antagonists like Green Goblin, Doc Ock and Venom they made life impossible for Peter Parker on more than one occasion. Many of them managed to find out the secret identity of the young hero and become a threat to their loved ones.

In that sense, what if the worst villain in Peter’s life was someone very close to him? And we are not talking about Norman Osborn or Eddie Brock. We are referring to a relative of the Daily Bugle photographer. A special person in your life. Someone who marked him as a reference and taught him that “With great power there is great responsibility”. Still haven’t guessed who we’re talking about?

An unexpected villain

If he Uncle ben! Few deaths in the life of a superhero impacted as much as that of Peter’s uncle. So seeing him as a villain is truly heartbreaking. Both for the hero and for those who follow his story closely in the vignettes. The truth is that in the collection Amazing Fantasy this horrible situation comes true. Pain!

In a magical world, where dragons and elves exist, Ben is the greatest enemy of Spider-Man. The arachnid is transported to this place along with the Captain America and Black Widow. The trio of heroes do not know what awaits them when they have to face a Ben ruthless who is ready to betray Spidey and defeat him for the ultimate.

The last number in the collection shows how the Uncle ben throws to Spider-Man from the back of a dragon and Spidey is seriously injured by this action of who was the most important man in his life. Ben He speaks to Peter once the intrepid hero is incarcerated. Then, his uncle confesses that he will not be able to do anything to “Make up for their failure”. Peter pleads with Ben change my mind, but it’s too late. He leaves with a strange figure on his back that could be controlling his actions. Mystery!

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Spider-Man’s worst villain! It’s not the Green Goblin or Doc Ock