‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Willem Dafoe and the conditions he set to play the ‘Green Goblin’ again

After the premiere of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, details began to come out of what it was like to record this Marvel movie, one of the most anticipated by fans of the arachnid superhero.

It is thus that the actor Willem Dafoe, who gives life to one of the favorite characters of this film, the ‘Green Goblin’, He commented on what his requirements were to wear his suit again more than 20 years after the first Spider Man movie.

“Doing all these physical activities was very important to me. In fact, one of the first things I said to John and Amy when they proposed the film to me, before there was even a script, was that I didn’t want to just suddenly appear as a cameo or just filler in close ups, “he said. the artist.

I mean, I wanted the ‘Green Goblin’ to be present in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and, in addition to that request, Willem Dafoe wanted to do all the scenes in the film.

“It is impossible to add integrity or fun to the character if you do not participate in these things, because all things of action form your relationship with the other characters, with the story, and it also allows you, makes you earn the right to play the character” , said to Infobae.

“Spider Man: No Way Home” breaks box office record

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” swept the US box office after grossing $ 50 million during its preview. The Marvel Studios film projects to earn between $ 150 million and $ 180 million during its opening weekend, setting a new film record in the midst of a pandemic.

Despite the cases of COVID-19 due to the appearance of the new omicron variant, it seems unlikely that the functions will be canceled. However, that could happen as the number of cases increases. Currently, the new variant has caused the closure of restaurants and movie theaters in New York City.

If projections hold up, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” will be the first pandemic movie to exceed $ 100 million, just one weekend. Only the movie “Venom: Carnage Freed” came close to reaching that figure, with initial revenue of $ 90 million.


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EER 3×20 Spider-Man No Way Home THE PREVIEW (because we can’t wait any longer)

For you who have already bought your tickets for the premiere of Spider-Man No Way Home, we have a PREVIEW conversation to warm up the atmosphere before the return of friend Spidey. And how you like it: 33 minutes WITHOUT SPOILERS and then full leaks and everything we expect from this new movie that promises to be a before and after (or not?) In the life of Peter Parker.

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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Willem Dafoe and the conditions he set to play the ‘Green Goblin’ again