“Spider-Man: No Way Home”: he was declared to his friend disguised as Spider-Man, but was rejected

Taking advantage of the fact that a group of friends was about to enter the cinema to see “”, A young man decided to surprise the one who, apparently, is the love of his life to express his feelings, without imagining that he would be harshly rejected. The video of what happened was published in and it didn’t take long to become .

This romantic boy dressed up as him Spiderman to cause a greater surprise in her friend because it was her favorite movie, which would also draw the attention of all the people who were in the mall because it is not normal to see a person dressed that way walking as if nothing .

In addition, he was accompanied by his best friend, who would become the ideal accomplice and the one in charge of carrying a banner, in which the long-awaited question had been written about whether she wanted to become his girlfriend.

At first the girl was very surprised because she did not know who was behind that costume until the young man took off his mask in the same style as Peter Parker. As the seconds passed, instead of looking flattered, she felt a lot of shame and assured that it was not necessary to do that in front of so many people.

Despite the fact that several people told her to accept being his girlfriend, the young woman rejected all the surprise and left the place, leaving the boy very sad, who left with his best friend and accomplice of the surprise.

In the comments, some users assured that He is a fallen soldier, although there were also a number of people who indicated that it would be an armed video.

The viral video of a young man disguised as Spider-Man who was rejected by his friend

When was “Spider-Man: No Way Home” released?

The world premiere of this film by Marvel, expected by thousands of fans around the globe, was the Wednesday, December 15, 2021 And, in most of the countries where it is broadcast, the tickets were sold out several weeks in advance due to all the expectations that had been generated by rumors that were finally confirmed.

How much has Spider Man No Way Home earned?

Spider-Man: No Way Home‘, Tom Holland’s third adventure as the arachnid superhero, has earned a global total of $ 587.2 million after its first weekend in theaters, thus becoming the film with the third largest release of all time. The new film from Marvel Studios and Sony has grossed 253 million in North America and is the first film of the COVID-19 era to exceed 100 million at its premiere in that part of the continent. Abroad, if the situation has been more auspicious since it obtained 334.2 million dollars, the site details .

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“Spider-Man: No Way Home”: he was declared to his friend disguised as Spider-Man, but was rejected