Spectacular trailer for ‘Don’t Look Up’ with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

In order not to look up, as noted in the new tape of Netflix, the truth is that in Vandal Random we are very aware of the distribution of stars of the new film of Adam McKay. It is something seldom seen, an incredible collection of Hollywood big names, all together in a story about the possible apocalypse that the Earth will face once an asteroid collides with it. At TUDUM, the Netflix event where movies like Tyler Rake 2, we have seen the first official trailer of Don’t look up in which the cast full of proper names is highlighted on December 24.

A film that will premiere in December on Netflix and theaters

No mires arriba o Don’t Look Up has Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill o Timothe Chalamet, among others, and will be released in some selected cinemas next December 10. Later, as of December 24, arrive on Netflix. This is one of the great bets of the portal, which seeks through the prism of a dark comedy, transmits a simple message: we must heed science when it warns us of the dangers that are to come.

The plot puts us in the position of two astronomers without much reputation, played by DiCaprio and Lawrence, who discover a potentially dangerous meteorite for the Earth; The gravity of the matter is such that it could hit the blue planet in just 6 months and destroy all life. Both will visit the oval office of the White House to warn of the arrival of the comet, being received by the president of the United States, Meryl Streep and the chief of staff, the son of the country’s top official and whom Jonah Hill will give life to. -And watch out, his role looks like Oscar nomination meat-.

Two astronomers without much repute, played by DiCaprio and Lawrence, who discover a potentially dangerous meteorite

Considering the low reputations of both, these they are forced to fight to be believed, as they are totally pushed aside and ignore their warnings. Many politicians use their catastrophic message to mock and get profit, while the threat settles on the horizon. Meat of memeBoth will fight with all possible means so that the truth comes out. Do not look above will be released on Netflix next December 24. A nice Christmas present.

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