Spanish gallant who triumphed with Silvia Pinal in “María Isabel”, left his career due to a terrible illness

Silvia Pinal She is one of the most important actresses cinema, theater and television, for that reason, This August 29, a tribute was paid to him at the Palace of Fine Arts. the diva of the Golden era She is remembered for her work in several productions, one of them was “Maria Isabel“, a tape in which he shared credits with the Spanish heartthrob Jose Suarez, who had to give up his career due to a terrible illness.

In 1968, the manager Federico Curiel, took to the cinema the story written by Yolanda Vargas Dulche of “Maria Isabel“, a humble woman who begins to work in the house of a rich man, with whom she falls in love. The plot included the participation of Norma Lazarenoas the millionaire’s daughter “Gloria” and Lucy Bujthe child actress who is remembered for her role in “Rosa Iselameanwhile, the protagonists were Pinal and Suarez, who made a couple that the public liked and repeated characters in the sequel “The love of Maria Isabel”.

Silvia Pinal and José Suárez starred in “María Isabel” Photo: Special

José Suárez left his career due to a terrible illness

Jose Lisando Suarez Sanchezthe heartthrob’s full name, was well known in the film industry, because despite the fact that he was a railroad worker in Oviedo, he began his career in his native Spain with the film “High altar”, which gave him several opportunities, such as “Luzmela’s girl“, “The happy wall” and “in crime squad“, but it was until his performance in “Calle Mayor”, that the doors were opened in the international market.

The actor, born in Trubia, Asturias, on September 9, 1919, managed work in Italy, France and Mexicowith figures of the stature of Silvia Pinal and Dolores del Rio, with the latter he filmed “lady loves” in 1955. In addition, he was placed as the fourth best Spanish actor, behind only Fernando Fernán Gómez, Francisco Rabal and Jorge Mistral, who also worked at the Cine de Oro, but who committed suicide when he was at the height of his career.

In 1975after participating in the film “La trastienda”, suffered a thrombosis a condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a deep vein, which occurs mostly in the legs. this condition left him paralyzed half his body, however, little by little, he regained mobility, but not 100 percent, so At the age of 56, he left his film career.

José Suárez suffered a thrombosis that forced him to abandon his career Photo: imdb

This was the last days of José Suárez

Jose Suarez lived in the town of Moreda, Asturias with his wife Maria Luisa Vazquezwith whom he had his only daughter Maria Eugenie. According to El País, the actor spent his last days of life in isolation and in some very precarious economic conditionssince his only income was from a house and the pension from the Mutuality of Artistscollective of Spain.

The leading man, who was also remembered for dubbing the voice in Spanish of Bruno Díaz and Batman in the “Batman and Robin” series, he died the August 6, 1981, at 61 years of age, in Moreda. The artist continues to be remembered thanks to the more than 60 productions in which he participated, both in his native country, as well as in Italy, France and Mexico.


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Spanish gallant who triumphed with Silvia Pinal in “María Isabel”, left his career due to a terrible illness