Sonic: The Movie 2 picks up speed with a new trailer for the Game Awards 2021

The hedgehog had confirmed his participation in the event with a poster to promote the production.

Sonic has already made an important niche in the world of video games, but that does not mean that he continues to seek new adventures in the big screen. Therefore, and having confirmed your participation in the The Game Awards 2021, is already starting to raise the expectations of the fans with the first trailer from his second movie. A show that promises risks, battles and, above all, a lot of speed.

And it is that the carefree tone of his first experience in theaters returns tenfold, something that we see both in Sonic and in his companions. After all, this film will feature iconic characters from the franchise such as Knuckles, whose voice actor is Idris Elba, The Tails like the inseparable companion of the blue hedgehog. Therefore, it is clear that in this film we will find more references and winks to the games that have accompanied us since childhood.

In the midst of all the action that the trailer presents, we see again Jim Carrey as Doctor Eggman, so we can expect completely crazy plans and hilarious scenes. To see this show, we will have to wait until the April 8, 2022So we have a few months of trailers, posters, and more to promote Sonic: The Movie 2 ahead of us.

After all, fans of the hedgehog have been encouraged by ad of this second film by presenting tracks like the aforementioned Tails. So with a filming already finished, a trailer released and several weeks to finish polish the project, we will have news of Sonic and his movie until its premiere. This has been one of the announcements of The Game Awards 2021, and from 3DJuegos we are covering the whole gala to report all the surprises that the gala has in store.

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Sonic: The Movie 2 picks up speed with a new trailer for the Game Awards 2021