Sofía Álvarez: the Colombian who won the Golden Cinema and her relationship with Héctor Bonilla

The Golden Cinema in Mexico not only gave the opportunity to national talent, it also allowed stars from other countries to shine, as happened with Sofía Álvarez, the beautiful Colombian actress who conquered the big screen, and who despite having arrived in our country and working as a secretary, managed to succeed and leave a great legacy, also having a relationship with the actor Hector Bonillarecently deceased.

Carmen Sofía Álvarez Caicedo, full name of the actress known in the media only as Sofia Alvarez, was born in Bogotá, Colombia, on May 23, 1913, and in addition to his career in Mexico as a movie star, he stood out as a singer. She moved with her family to our country in 1928, and she began working as a secretary at Monte de Piedad, but her destiny would lead her to fame.

The Colombian who conquered the Golden Cinema

It was the actor Roberto “El Panzón” Soto, father of the also comedian Fernando Soto “Mantequilla”, who discovered the beautiful Colombian, and invited her to participate with him in his theater company. Her debut on the big screen was with a minor role, playing a prostitute in the movie “Santa”, the first soundtrack of Mexican Cinema.

Sofía Álvarez won the Golden Cinema. Photo: INAH / Special

It was Soto himself who asked the renowned composer Augustine Lara make a song for Sofia, this after being impressed with his voice in a singing contest. “El flaco de oro” gave him the song “Cabellera negra”, with which he began to take off his fame. alvarez She was known as the “Lady with the braids”, during the 1930s she enjoyed great popularity. Although she did many supporting roles, she also acted with important figures such as Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” in the movie “There’s the detail” and with Pedro Infante.

The beauty colombian He soon succeeded in Golden Cinema, especially in musical films. Among the most recognized: “Mexico of my loves”, “If they have to kill me tomorrow”, “La barca de oro” and “Soy charro de Rancho Grande”, together with the idol of Mexico, with whom he sang some songs. In 1950 she left the big screen to continue as a radio singer, as she was very popular for her voice. But he returned between 1957 and 1966, before retiring permanently.

Sofía Álvarez and her relationship with Héctor Bonilla

His artistic legacy continued thanks to his son Fernando Calzadilla Alvarezwho was a director, translator and voice actor since the 1950s. Also his granddaughter, Sofia Calzadillafollowed in his footsteps in the artistic medium, the actress adopted the name of her grandmother, being known as Sofia Alvarezwho gained fame as a storyteller and was the second wife of Hector Bonillawho died on November 25, 2022.

The Colombian actress arrived in Mexico with her family and never imagined that her life would take a triumphant turn, because although her professional life began as a secretary, she soon became a figure in the Mexican Golden Cinema, with a filmography of just over 20 movies. Sofia Alvarez He died on April 30, 1985, in Mexico City, at the age of 72.

Sofía Álvarez was the grandmother of the renowned storyteller and dubbing actress. Photo: Special


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Sofía Álvarez: the Colombian who won the Golden Cinema and her relationship with Héctor Bonilla